Disney Shuts Down Game Publishing Division, Disney Infinity Cancelled

Shakyl LambertMay 10, 2016
Disney Shuts Down Game Publishing Division, Disney Infinity

Disney is no longer in the game publishing business.

In their second-quarter earnings report, Disney announced that they are no longer self-publishing console games and is taking a $147 million charge.

As a result, Disney is also shutting down Avalanche Software, as well as discontinuing the Disney Infinity line of toys and video games.

“Disney Infinity was a critical success that inspired a deeply engaged community of players. But, despite Disney Infinity’s quality, it has become difficult to financially justify continued investment given the lack of growth in the toys-to-life market. Coupled with high development costs, the economics of our current vertical business model no longer add up”, said Senior VP John Blackburn in a press release.

There are 2 final add-ons for Disney Infinity scheduled for release: 3 characters from Alice Through The Looking Glass are releasing this month, and a Finding Dory Play Set scheduled for release in June.

Avalanche Software is best known for developing the Disney Infinity series.