Undertale Creator Toby Fox releases new title Deltarune

Undertale Creator Toby Fox releases new title Deltarune 1
| Oct 31, 2018

Undertale’s creator Toby Fox, in a “like father like son” fashion, put the internet in a tense wave of a mystery after teasing an important announcement. To most people’s surprise, it’s a new title, and as of now, it’s completely free to play.

With the series of Tweets starting yesterday, October 30th, Toby Fox promised that “those who finished Undertale” would take interest in this announcement. It was at the end of the Tweet, that things got a little more interesting, mainly due to the addition that “A Mac or PC will be required”

This quickly arose a series of debates in the Undertale fandom, was it Undertale 2? DLC for Undertale? Or was it perhaps a community poll? Turns out all of these were wrong, as Toby Fox took the stage October 31st to announce Deltarune, a free to play title available today.

Due to its stealth-release, little is known about Deltarune’s nature, with some players arguing it is a potential teaser for the anticipated Undertale 2, while others simply accept it as its own free to play adventure.

Undertale is a multi-path RPG featuring multiple endings following the storyline of a lonely child who falls into a world of dangerous unknowns. Undertale is currently available on PS4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS and Windows.