Fortnite Season X Is Here With Mechs And Missions

Fortnite Season X Is Here With Mechs And Missions 1
| Aug 2, 2019

Fortnite: Battle Royale launched its Season X yesterday, and there’s plentiful heapings of new content and patch notes to go around.

Epic Games has released the latest battle pass for Fortnite, bringing with it immediate access to X-Lord and Catalyst outfits on purchase, and unlockable items like the Fang Saws dual pickaxes that come from leveling up. The base form costs around $10 USD worth of V-Bucks, with a pricier skew that nets you 25 levels off the top at about $28. As a new feature, you can now gift the battle pass to other players, though it sounds like it’s not working on PC right now.

There’s a bunch of changes to the progression system this season. Weekly challenges are out, but weekly missions, that are like packs of challenges, are in. These challenges must be unlocked in consecutive order, and often hold unified themes that call back to Fortnite’s prior seasons. Daily challenges have also been replaced with timed missions, which are similar to regular missions but open to free players as well. Prestige missions are harder challenge sets that unlock after you’ve beaten an entire mission, and it sounds like they can get pretty demanding, to the point where you’re barely playing normal Fortnite. Zero Point is a sort of season-long challenge, and you’d better go in on those prestige missions if you want to clear it.

The map will be undergoing more changes, and due to the time travel theme, they may come a lot faster than usual. Expect various old areas to get shuffled into the map at various points. In the meantime, you can enjoy piloting co-op mechs with a friend! It’s not Titanfall. Stop calling it Titanfall, you’re making people upset.

Aside from patch notes that I won’t be going into, that’s it for Season X! It sounds like a lot to me, but I wouldn’t really know. The Season X battle pass is available now, and Fortnite: Battle Royale is free as always. Have fun out there!