This Is Your Last Day To Buy Duck Tales: Remastered

This Is Your Last Day To Buy Duck Tales: Remastered
| Aug 7, 2019

Duck Tales: Remastered is beginning to be delisted on August 8th, starting with Steam and moving on to the rest of its platforms.

As revealed yesterday by a Capcom employee, the remake of the classic cartoon platformer will be delisted on Steam on August 8th at 4:59 PM PDT. Xbox 360 and Xbox One (via backwards compatibility) will lose it at 5 PM PDT. It will be available on PlayStation 3 until August 9th, 8AM PDT, and on Wii U until August 9th, 4:59 PM PDT. After that point, you’ll need to either find the original version of the game, a disc copy or resort to less savoury methods to play the remaster. You will be able to download the game at any time if you’ve bought it (unlike Konami’s PT) and physical copies will still work, so it’s not totally gone – but it’s definitely morphed into a buried treasure, so you’d best start digging quick.

This move is probably due to Disney’s contract with Capcom expiring. It’s not great for game archival, but the game is 75% off on most platforms right now (putting it under $5 CAN), so if you want it, best just grab it! We’ve gotten less warning in the past!

Duck Tales: Remastered is temporarily available on Steam, Xbox 360 (and Xbox One), PlayStation 3, and Wii U. One last time: if you think you’ll ever want it, buy now!