Konami Announces A New Silent Hill Slot Machine

At Least It’s Not “Erotic Violence”
  • Liam Ferguson | 
    Oct 11, 2019
Konami Announces A New Silent Hill Slot Machine 2

Konami has reminded us once again that it’s largely pulled out of video games by announcing the Silent Hill Escape slot machine.

Konami will be showcasing its Silent Hill slot machine at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas from October 15th to October 17th. Named Silent Hill Escape, it boasts a 49-inch “J” curve display in 4K Ultra HD, according to a report by Yahoo Finance. Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Konami Gaming, Inc., Tom Jingoli, had this to say about the Silent Hill slot machine:

“Konami’s aim is empowering operators with exceptional entertainment to reach and engage today’s players and beyond. We are actively leveraging a combination of top technology, talent, design, and development to deliver a host of new products at this year’s event, through the immediate years to come.”

Just in time for Halloween, eh? Much like the old, fantastically poorly received (by gamers, at least) line of pachinko machines that included Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Castlevania, and Silent Hill, this is gonna’ generate some angry discussions online before it takes its place in the gambling hole and is never seen from again. It really stings to see so many classic game franchises essentially held hostage by a company that really doesn’t care about them any more, but this is just what Konami sees as the most direct way to get money, honour and legacy be damned.

If you want to see more of Silent Hill Escape, you can take a look at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas from October 15th to October 17th. As for the rest of us, you can find us praying for Hideo Kojima’s success as the banished auteur’s Death Stranding approaches its November 8th launch date. Keep your vigilance, and never forget: PULL THE LEVER!

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