Suspected Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal Deemed Hoax

Suspected Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal Deemed Hoax 1
| Nov 13, 2020
Dozens of employees appeared to be held hostage at the offices of Ubisoft Montreal this afternoon.

[UPDATE 5:22PM] Police have told the CBC that a fraudulent 911 call instigated the situation at Ubisoft Montreal’s office this afternoon. Tactical officers arrived on scene and eventually evacuated the office staff once the situation had been assessed. No specifics of the hoax have been made public at this time.

(Original story follows.)

Details are still emerging and being verified, but there appear to be dozens of people on the roof for safety, with others reportedly barricaded in conference rooms inside. The incident appears to have started with a threatening phone call, and an armed suspect is believed to be in the premises. Police and the tactical intervention unit are on the scene. Our thoughts are with Ubisoft Montreal’s staff and families, and we hope for a safe resolution.

Stay tuned to CGM; we will provide updates as the story develops.

[UPDATE 3:01PM] Montreal Police are validating information and assessing the scene. They are also asking people to avoid the area by the office, at Saint Laurent Blvd and Saint Viateur Street East. The individuals on the roof have barricaded the fire doors for their own safety. There is no further information on the suspects or their motivations at this time.

[UPDATE 3:22 PM] The Montreal Police tweeted an update: “Officers have been sent to the location following a 911 call. Specialized #SPVM officers are on site inspecting the premises. There are no injuries reported.

[UPDATE 3:46 PM] Video now shows a group of individuals being escorted from the building.