Ooops! 2: The Game, Based on the Popular Film Franchise, Is Now Available Worldwide on Consoles

Wild River Games announced Ooops! 2, a family-friendly co-op cooking game based on the popular feature film Ooops! – The Adventure Continues.

Ooops! 2: The Game is developed by Independent Arts Software GmbH, the action-packed culinary adventure title is aimed at children ages six to twelve and challenges them to prepare meals in increasingly difficult conditions. Ooops! 2 is now available for digital download on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Ooops! 2 – The Adventure Continues, the feature film from Ulysses Filmproduktion, Fabrique d’Images and Moetion Films tells the tale of Noah’s Ark from a fresh perspective: that of the animals on board the ship. In the thrilling story world of Ooops! 2, the famished pack of animals must scour for ingredients and recipes needed to curate dishes fine enough to unlock more characters. Unlockable characters include beloved personalities from the feature film including Finny, Leah, Chief Clyde, Patch, and more. 

Ooops! 2: The Game, Based On The Popular Film Franchise, Is Now Available Worldwide On Consoles

As the game progresses, the recipes become increasingly complex, featuring timed sessions and location-specific cuisine. Polished cooking skills are required to withstand the pressure of the dynamic level design and kitchen chaos! Players can expect a variety of familiar location backdrops and various cutscenes inspired by the film.

Key Features of Ooops! 2: The Game Include: 

  • Three movie-inspired locations — the Ark, Nestrian Colony, and Island 
  • 33 unique levels, each introducing new challenges and cooking tasks 
  • 21 individual recipes (salads, pizzas, tacos, skewers, tarts and more) 
  • Six playable characters 
  • Original film sequences from the movie 

Ooops! 2The Game, from publisher Wild River Games and developer Independent Arts Software GmbH, is now available digitally on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $14.99 USD. 

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