Best Comics to Buy This Week: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Best Comics to Buy This Week: Something Borrowed, Something Blue 1

This week’s best comics list includes Catwoman and Batman planning their wedding, the debut of the new Sonic The Hedgehog series over at IDW and more!

Best Comics To Buy This Week:

Batman #44

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Joelle Jones and Mikel Janin
Published by: DC Comics

First, let me just say that judging by this issues solicits, Batman #44 could very well be the best issue of Tom King’s Batman run. The issue promises to tell a dual story, that focuses on Bruce and Selina getting ready for their big wedding day. Selina is going dress shopping while Bruce is making arrangements for his new married life, but what else could be in store for the couple? Will they spend half the book choosing the perfect venue for their special day, only to have it snatched up at the last minute by the Joker and Harley Quinn? Will they opt for a seafood buffet or poutine? D.J. or live band? There are so many questions waiting to be answered and writer Tom King is the perfect person to answers all of them.

King has shown a knack for humanizing superheroes and villains and making them more than their costumed identities. Not only is this story right in King’s wheelhouse, but marriage and commitment is something that has been sorely missing from DC and Marvel lately. Pulling Selina and Bruce away from their latex-laden lives and having them try and plan a wedding is such a charming deviation from what we normally see in comics. You really owe it to yourself to read this one.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 1

Snotgirl #10

Written by: Brian Lee O’Malley
Art by: Leslie Hung
Published by: Image Comics

Do you like weird comics? Comics full of awful people who you can’t relate too but are also strangely engaging and engrossing? Yeah, me neither. But if you were in the market for such a book then Snotgirl is exactly that.

The series follows an infamous influencer named Lottie Pearson (aka Snotgirl) through her extremely shallow day to day life full of over the top drama and a surprising amount of bloodshed. Lottie is equal parts shallow and unrealistic as well as engaging and relatable, which is a testament to the quality of Leslie Hung and Brian Lee O’Malley’s work. The pair manages to make the pompous and over the top characters featured in the series feel real, and Hung especially stands out with her fluid and energized line work. While this issue is the second part of a story arc it’s worth the look and this series has done a good job of being new reader friendly.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 4Sonic The Hedgehog #1

Written By: Ian Flynn
Art by: Tracy Yardley
Published by: IDW Comics

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a property of Archie Comics since 1993 and so the character’s recent move to IDW Comics is a momentous occasion. The series picks up after the events of last years Sonic Forces video game and features Sonic trying to shut down Dr. Eggman’s forces that remain even after Eggman’s defeat. It’s refreshing to see the Sonic comics property get a fresh start, as, after more than 20 years of stories at Archie, there was a fair amount of continuity-based baggage.

At Toronto Comicon, writer Ian Flynn mentioned that this new series will have a more adventurous tone than the previous Sonic series and that’s an exciting prospect. Throw in the fact that fan favourite character Tails is going to be heavily featured and this issue is more than worth a shot.

Curse of Brimstone #1Best Comics To Buy This Week: 3

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Philip Tan
Published by: DC Comics

It’s refreshing to see big publishers trying out new characters and story ideas, especially when so much of the industry is dominated by decades-old heroes and villains. The fact is that every established and successful character in comics history started off with their first story and Curse of Brimstone looks like it could be the start of something very special.

The preview of the issue is well written and features wonderfully moody art courtesy of Phillip Tan. The moodiness is fitting as the series follows a teenage boy named Joe Chamberlain who will do anything to put his small town on the map, even make a deal with the devil.  While ‘deal with the devil’ stories are fairly common, Curse of Brimstone’s focus on family bonds and love for one’s small town, give the series an immediate sense of intrigue and diversity. Also, Curse of Brimstone #1 serves as a great jumping on point as it’s the start of a new series that doesn’t seem to be heavily tied with DC Comics continuity or any cross-book storyline.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 2Archies #6

Written by: Matthew Rosenberg, Alex Segura
Art by: Joe Eisma
Published by: Archie Comics

I can’t help but put an Archie title on this list every week because the publisher is constantly putting out engaging and unexpected stories. Case in point: The Archies. The series follows the Riverdale gang’s music career as they tour with real live bands like Teagan and Sara and Chvrches and its been tons of fun so far. This issue involves The Archie’s getting a chance to record their very first album with producing help from American rock band Blondie.

While you don’t have to be a music fan to enjoy this series, there is a whole lot more to get out of it for those are fans. Writers Matt Rosenberg and Alex Segura have managed to infuse the series with a whole lot of music love and knowledge and it’s been a real treat so far. On the art side, Joe Eisma has been dynamite, both in his interpretation of the Archie gang and in his uncanny ability to capture the various real-life bands featured so far. What’s more, is that you have some extra time to order this issue as it’s been pushed back to April 11th due to a printing error. Check it out, and while you’re at it, consider giving the first five issues a read as well.

What comics are you most looking forward to this week? And do you think that Batman and Catwoman’s relationship will have a happily ever after? Let us know in the comments below!

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