CGM Recommends: Best Father’s Day Gifts 2022

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 21

If you’re searching for the best Father’s Day gifts of 2022, well the day is fast approaching, and who knows dad best? His family! Although finding that perfect gift can be a little difficult, with so many possible hobbies and interests worry not because we will assist you here at CGMagazine. We have put together a guide to help you find the best gifts for dad this year.

Whether its Shark, Philips, Razer or HP, there are gifts out there for every kind of dad. Here you will find music, tech and even some personal care items, everything a dad could possibly need this Father’s Day.

Here are the best Father’s Day gifts 2022:

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 20

This Wi-Fi extender can do wonders for your father, with the ability to extend your wifi connection range up to 6000 square feet of coverage and eliminate dead zones within a household. They are able to project the most stable connection to all of your devices without worrying about any interfering restrictions that may include thick walls. Setting up this device isn’t a hassle. This Father’s Day, give dad the gift of no lost signal with the Rockspace Wireless Signal Booster.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 19

An all-time classic like Jurassic Park can spark joy for fathers that grew up as dinosaur kids. With this cookbook, Dad can reignite his cooking spirit. Each and every recipe is easily approachable by even the slightest of chefs and with the interesting dinosaur facts and gorgeous photography your father will certainly be entertained. This cookbook is sure to spark nostalgiain Dad this Father’s Day.

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Transform any space in your home or office space into a cinema with this amazon product. This projector is able to project a resolution of 1920×1080 while providing a wired connection between your speakers to enhance the movie experience. Our reviewer noted, “The HP CC200 Projector is a compact, well-designed device that feels as at home in an office as it does in the media room.” This is the best Father’s Day gift for any movie fan.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 2

Did dad get into content creation during the pandemic? Now that we can be out and about again, the RØDE VideoMic GO II is the best gift for a content creator is a professional microphone. The RØDE VideoMic GO II will help dad record at home or on the go. This microphone is guaranteed to have the best audio quality and it is very easy to set up. This is the best gift for Father’s Day if your dad likes podcasting, video recording and more.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 3

Help dad keep the house clean from dust and allergens this summer, and give him the freedom to spend time doing what he loves instead of cleaning. This cleaning robot offers precise cleaning and object avoidance as a result of their AI laser navigation system. With a HEPA 60-day capacity, it will be filtering a lot of those harmful particles laying on your floor. It’s a great gift for fathers that don’t have enough time.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 14

For those tech-savvy fathers, this limited edition Star Wars themed hard drive is a wonderful gift for them. With the choice of either an External HDD(2TB), M.2 SSD(1TB), or the SATA SSD(2TB), it is guaranteed to fit their gaming needs. While being designed as the Beskar Ingot from The Mandalorian it makes a good addition to any collector’s collection.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 18

Whether Dad needs a facial or full body shave, Philips has something for him. The Bodygroom 7000 waterproof body groomer does the job just right for a close and comfortable body shave without the risk of cutting yourself. It also has no struggle against the thickest of hairs with the adjustable comb that can go from 3mm up to 11mm. Pairing this as a gift with the Shaver Series 9000 makes this a great combo for shaving the body and facial hairs.

The Shaver Series 9000 is a great choice for a Father’s Day gift too. With the 3 settings you can get a gentle and thorough shave or a quick shave just to save dad time. Its superb design allows you to get 20% more hair due to the 8 directional head that results in a smoother shave. When combined as a gift with the Bodygroom 7000, it makes the perfect shave for every nook and cranny.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 23

Everyday can be barbeque day with this indoor grill that can cook a portion large enough for a XL sized family. Cooking up at a whopping 500 degrees fahrenheit, while the hood remains closed the air circulates within and gives it a nice searing that is guaranteed to crisp up your steak. The grill also comes with a smart cook system that has 4 smart protein settings, 9 customizable doneness levels, and lastly a built in thermometer that allows you to always achieve that perfectly cooked steak from rare to welldone. It can be also used as a griddle and an airfryer that has a wide range of temperatures that can dehydrate to even baking, making this very versatile grill one of the best gifts for Father’s Day.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 17

This air purifier is silent, yet very helpful. Filtering up to 1200 square feet, the purifier is able to detect the air quality to make a real-time report and auto-adjust its 6 strong fans so you can be confident that your father is living in a safe environment. Its anti-allergen HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of dust and airborne allergens that can become harmful over time. While being easily controlled by a button of a remote, this makes a wonderful gift for your beloved father.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 22

This 3-in-1 pressure cooker can also air fry and steam crisp with a total of 14 cooking functions to best suit your father’s needs whenever it comes to cooking. The introduction of the steam crisp mode allows you to steam and crisp at the same time achieve a faster and juicier result. This also comes with a smart thermometer that enables you to get the most accurate results at the touch of a button. This makes a great gift for your father if he’s a little bit of a foodie and loves cooking for the family.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 24

The Muppet Movie is an iconic piece of film history that your dad likely grew up with. When it was first released in 1979, the movie’s soundtracks inspired many souls.. The revival of the movie’s soundtrack has made its way to vinyl with its remastered version of the timeless recordings such as Rainbow Connection or Movin’ Right Along. This Father’s Day gift is definitely going to be an everlasting memory for your father.

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If your father has a lot of tech laying around, it’s probably a good idea to have a charging brick that has immense charging speed. It comes with 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports for a variety of devices to be charged at the same time. With the fast charging speed, it can charge your phone, laptop or even your Nintendo Switch at the same within an hour without the reduced charging input from charging multiple devices at once. Keep dad’s battery charged for Father’s Day.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 15

Help dad get into shape by optimizing his exercising routine with this smartwatch that tracks location, heart rate and real-time pace and distance. Along with his new Fitbit Versa 3, dad will get 6 months of Fitbit Premium to test out. With a battery capacity that will last 6 days, your father will be able to get the best out of his experience with this smartwatch.

CGM Recommends: Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 12

If your father enjoys playing on the Xbox just as much as you do, this controller will impress any Marvel fan that gets their hands on it. Being designed by Razer after Captain America for the Xbox Series X|S, it is backwards compatible with all Xbox One models and it’s able to connect to your PC through the Bluetooth feature. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours and a magnetic charging dock that can charge your controller within 3 hours. Keeping things stylish and a little nerdy, this controller makes a great gift for Father’s Day.

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