CGM Recommends: The Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 25

Every year we scour the stores and shop online to find the best Mother’s Day gifts to spoil the women in our lives. From home technology to high-tech gear, we at CGMagazine leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the best gifts for mom.

If your mom likes to cook, loves to play music, cleans a lot, or just loves tech then she’s guaranteed to find something on this list! With Mother’s Day taking place in a global pandemic for the third year in a row, gone are the days of chocolates and flowers; treat her to some great gear that makes her life easier, or helps her have fun.

Here are the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2022:

AirVida Air Purifier

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 26

If mom likes to explore outside or enjoy a quick yoga session, the need for something to purify the air in a pinch is ever-present. While you think a fan might do the trick, there really isn't anything like having something on your neck at all times, whenever you want. Thankfully, Airvida has just that with their Wearable Air Purifier. It comes on a titanium necklace with a black 45-centimeter collar clip and is also extremely light, coming in at 20 grams. Plus, this Personal Iconic Air Purifier ships with a charging dock that allows it to become an efficient air purifier for your desk.

There's no need to worry about the battery life either, as a full charge lasts for 28 hours, and can be charged with a USB cable. So, if mom somehow loses the cord that comes in the box, she can find a replacement easily. All of this comes at a reasonable price of $189.00, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank just to get some relief from allergens or pollutants in the home or on the go. All of these reasons and more result in a wearable air purifier that no active mom should miss. A great Mother's Day gift for sure! 

RODE NTUSB Mini Versatile USB Condenser Microphone

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 17

If mom loves to stream online, is taking classes, or just likes to sing for fun, then this USB microphone is perfect for her. It also, thankfully, records instruments so those keyboard and guitar players won't be left out. The RODE NTSB Mini Versatile microphone delivers in all these ways and more with its compact and versatile size. Its studio-quality audio can be recorded right onto a desktop or laptop for sheer convenience. It also features a USB output for tablets too. No drivers or software is required. No extra power is required either, so it's ideal for singers, musicians, podcasters, streamers, and of course gamers hoping to record their wild reactions to the latest reveals. This versatile and convenient little microphone is $119.99, a perfect price.

Shark® Steam & Scrub All-in-One Scrubbing and Sanitizing Hard Floor Steam Mop S7000

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 18

This mop is great for those with messy pets and kids who carry their outside playtime indoors. With automatic scrubbing pads that deliver over 150 scrubs per minute, the pads do all the work. The Steam & The Shark All-in-One Scrubbing and Sanitizing Hard Floor Steam Mop comes with a combination of powerful steam and rotating pads that provide up to two times more cleaning power compared to traditional mops. It's designed for all kinds of floor surfaces, so you won't have to worry about mucking them up. Plus, the 22-foot-long cord will allow you to go over your kitchen without a hassle. Perfect for moms with active little ones, this all-in-one cleaner retails for $199.99. Definitely one of the best gifts for Mother's Day, since mom will never have to worry about footprints throughout the house again.

One Touch SSD

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 3

Here's another great Mother's Day gift for tech-loving moms. The Seagate One Touch SSD will help mom expand her storage for all her family photos and even video games on her PC. Plus, it's an SSD so it'll work super fast! It's lightweight and compact but packs a mean punch with  up to 2 TB of space that can be plugged into a Windows or Mac whenever mom wants. If mom is an Andriod user, this little piece of tech comes with an app that makes operating it even more convenient. Its capacity is 500 GB-2 TB and ships with a USB-C cable, downloadable Toolkit software, and a user manual just in case. 

The One Touch SSD 500GB goes for $119.99, with the 2 TB costing $334. It's a perfect Mother's Day gift for busy moms looking to expand their tech storage! 

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Review

Here's a great Mother's Day gift from a known and respected brand. As so many of us are constantly on our phones, and also constantly dropping them, the need for a replacement can creep up when we least expect it. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ has it all, especially for those videographers out there. It has 8k super steady video, a big plus for those who are tired of lugging a big and bulky camera. That's not all though, the long-lasting battery will allow mom to keep shooting those shots long into the night. Give mom a sweet gift for all those memories you're going to make on Mother's Day and beyond! 

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ goes for $1,049.99. It might seem like a steep price but when you consider how priceless memories are it's definitely worth it!

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 4

For those moms that love to run, jog or bike, this gift will be a no-brainer. As we become more and more aware of our bodies, and we learn the ways exercise benefits us even more, the need for technology that helps us do that becomes even more clear. So, in saying that, this wearable watch will let mom keep track of all the kilometres she's run and how much she has left. It even keeps track of her heart rate to be extra safe! It really has everything a runner could want. There is a built-in GPS, sleep tracker and meditation tool too! 

The Fitbit Sense Health & Fitness Smartwatch is on sale for $258.98, just in time for Mother's Day. 

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Earbuds

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 27

With the pandemic still being a part of our lives after over two years, families have spent more time at home than ever.  Some noise-canceling headphones are the perfect solution for when she needs some time apart from her little ones. A single earbud is only 3.7 grams, so they're comfortable and hard to see, yet they don't compromise on the sound, so mom gets the best of two worlds—lightweight and discrete earbuds, with great sound.  The 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini earbuds come in black or white, whatever mom prefers!

Get mom these 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini earbuds, so she can rock out to her favourite tunes whenever she wants for $99.99! 


CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 28

With all the toxins in the air these days, air purifiers are needed more than ever. Moms have to put up with so much dirt and cleaning every day that, sometimes, it's nice to have tech do it for her instead. This one, in particular, has a range of 283 ft and a noise level range of 20 to 54 decibels. It's a wide distance with a noise level that's barely noticeable. Moms can't pass this one up. It will make her house feel so much fresher. 

The Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier is $139.99. A fair price for what it does! 

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 21

This is a great Mother's Day gift for moms that love to game. In games that require lots of teamwork and cooperation, these headphones will let mom tune into every little detail. Plus, they're focused on being ultra-comfortable with equal weight distribution throughout, so she'll never get tired of wearing them during long play sessions.  They come in various colours, pink, red and gunmetal too. 

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is on sale for $79.99.  Treat her to some super-comfortable gaming headphones! 

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick Earbuds

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick Earbuds Review 3

These luxurious and stylish earbuds are great for moms that love tech and love to accessorize. With their bright cherry red design that lives up to their lipstick name, mom will be delighted to wear these fancy headphones because who says listening can't be stylish? They don't drop the ball on comfort either. With their ergonomic-focused design, mom can wear them any time. 

Treat her to these gorgeous headphones for a price of $348.99. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick earbuds are a perfect Mother's Day gift. 

Shark HyperAIR™ Hair Dryer

Shark HyperAIR Review 3

As the days of rushing out for movies and events return after a long hiatus, we are finally able to get dressed up again. With that comes hairstyling, and the Shark HyperAIR is one of the best hair dryers you can find. With its high velocity that dries hair fast without any heat damage, mom can rest east that her hair is in good hands. It's best for curly, wavy, and straight hair, so there are lots of options! Additional attachments can be purchased based on styling needs too.

The Shark HyperAIR Hair Dryer goes for $229.99. A bit of a steep price, but it's definitely worth it!

Ninja Air Fryer

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 22

With life getting busier and busier, having something in your house that can whip up dinner quickly is great. Thankfully, for this Mother's Day, there's something perfect just for mom. The Ninja Air Fryer is the fast and easy way to cook mom's favourite foods, like 2 lbs of French fries, with almost no oil, in a basket that's perfectly sized for families. It features roast, bake, and of course Air Fry options. Plus, its accessories are all dishwasher safe, so easy cleaning! 

This Ninja Air Fryer retails for $179.99 CAD. Get cookin'! 

Ninja Foodi NeverDull Premium Knife System

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 24

These days, it's so much more convenient to have everything all in one place with the least amount of clutter possible. That's why this stainless steel knife holder would be the perfect Mother's Day gift this year. Whether mom is an avid cook or just likes to bake once in a while, this is the best choice for moms that love the kitchen. The set features premium German steel and an 8in chef knife, 5in santoku knife, 5in utility knife, 3.5in paring knife and six 4.5in steak knives, plus sheers and a built-in stone sharpener. 

The Ninja Foodi Neverdull Premium Knife System costs $380.90. 

ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 7

With so much of our time spent in front of our screens between work and play, we really need a more comfortable mouse. The ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse fits the bill with its 4D Auto-Scroll Wheel and Multi-Button Design. You can't go wrong with this gift for mom. That's without even mentioning all of the colours that come with the 3D RGB lighting. It's both stylish and comfortable! 

The ROCCAT KONE XP MOUSE costs $89.99 USD. Happy Gaming! 


Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 29

Xencelabs went with a lighter aesthetic for this medium-sized Pen Tablet. If mom loves to draw or create, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE is the perfect tool for her this Mother's Day. It comes with 2 pens, a 3-button pen and eraser to allow her to move from 2D to 3D applications without switching tools, and a thinner pen, giving a pencil feel. What's really exciting is that this tablet is the first industry application of an OLED display on a shortcut key remote, making functions crystal clear.

For the artist in mom, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE is the perfect tool this Mother's Day. Find it on Amazon for $379.99!


CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 6

There's no better feeling than getting fully immersed in a game's world or rocking out to the best music. So why not treat mom with this headset for a Mother's Day gift? It works with all current-gen consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox One and S. The headset even has in-line volume control so mom won't have to pause to turn up the game. There's even a flip-to-mute button for easy access when a mom needs to help her son or daughter with something. Plus it's built to last, so grubby little fingers won't get in the way of gaming time. It comes with so many unique and fun colours too! From red, to, lilac, and mint. There's so many options. 

The ASTRO A10 GEN 2 HEADSET retails for $79.96 CAD. A good price for a great headset. 

dyson corrale straightener

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022 23

If mom is searching for beach waves, true curls or smooth and sleek hair, the dyson corrale straightener is meant for her! dyson has engineered this device to cover a range of looks, making it a great all-in-one styling tool. With four colours to choose from—purple/nickel,  copper/nickel, Fuchsia, black nickel/fuchsia—there is sure to be a design to match her asthetic. You can find these on the dyson website for $649.99.

Additionally, dyson offers a special gift edition of the corrale for $699.99. This edition comes in a special colour combination, Prussian blue/rich copper, and includes a free presentation case and brush set. A special gift for a very special mom!

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