Square Enix Music Has Secretly Been Released

Square Enix Music Has Secretly Been Released

Overnight, Square Enix announced their official music channel on the YouTube Music streaming platform, Square Enix Music.

In celebration of Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary, Square has opened up a website dedicated to news of their upcoming games, including Chocobo GP and the new instalment of the Final Fantasy series, Stranger Of Paradise. “This is only possible because of the long-lasting passionate support for each game in the FF series from fans like you. Thank you so much.” said Final Fantasy VII remake producer, Yoshinori Kitase.

Square Enix Music Has Secretly Been Released

Alongside Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary website, they have also released a massive majority of their soundtracks on their official Square Enix Music on their YouTube Music Channel. On their official Discord server for Square Enix Music, they stated “Approximately 5,500 songs are now available as well as playlists based on various themes.” This includes a large assortment of games they have produced, such as Final Fantasy, SaGa, NieR, and Mana all of which are organized in a dedicated playlist that should definitely please their fans.

So, why does Square Enix releasing a YouTube Music Channel matter?

This could possibly be a move by Square Enix against Nintendo’s copyright strike issues with its fanbase. Nintendo has made a bad reputation for the gaming industry by privatizing their music, ruining many ways you could experience your childhood music. A praiseworthy action by Square Enix, as it will allow fans to be nostalgic about their past and relive what it was like as a child by listening to their favourite soundtracks produced by Square Enix. “Please take notes, Nintendo.” or “Pay Attention Nintendo.” were commented on by fans in a post on Resetera.

In great appreciation of their Final Fantasy fanbase, Square Enix’s power move over Nintendo should revive their image as a gaming company. Regardless of being a fan of Square Enix, you can enjoy their music without the hassle. 

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