CGM Recommends: Best Stocking Stuffers 2022

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Stocking stuffers are something that is simple to overlook while compiling your holiday gift list and checking it twice. Despite being a well-established Christmas custom, these gifts are frequently viewed as last-minute baubles. On the other hand, let’s be real: Nobody really wants a deodorant stick and a pair of white socks in their stocking. Consider these little gifts in a different way this year as a way to give your loved ones something extra special.

We’re here to help you locate those filler presents to stuff in those stockings that are sure to make anyone smile. We have searched the internet for cool new stocking stuffers for everyone in your life.

So, whether your family is captivated by the newest technology, enthralled by nostalgia, or just wants to have some classic fun, you’ll find the best stocking stuffer ideas within our thorough 2022 gift list.

echoes: The Microchip

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Price: $9.99

Do you know anyone who enjoys a bit of mystery with a dash of apocalyptic dread? Well, then echoes: The Microchip may be the game to stuff in their stocking this Christmas season. Echoes is a cooperative audio mystery game divided into six chapters, with each chapter represented by a game board.

You can determine which three object cards are linked to a chapter and in what order they should be placed by scanning the objects with the free app, hearing the echo related to each object, and using conversations and other sounds in the echo. The main objective is to solve the case and put the various plot elements in their proper places. Echoes: The Microchip has just the right amount of simplicity and mystery to wrap up the yuletide season

Disney’s Eye Found It

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 724537

Price: $12.99, $18.00

In this fun, hide-and-seek game players get to explore 12 beloved Disney realms to find hidden treasures in this portable card game. In the Disney Eye Found It! card game, each player holds a hand of intricately illustrated cards, each with objects hidden in the scene. Players pull a hidden object from the deck, then quickly search their cards for the treasure! Whoever finds it first wins the round, and the player to empty their hand first wins the game, but be sure to find it all before the clock strikes midnight.

The Disney Eye Found It! board game is a world of fun that encourages teamwork, attention to detail, and observation skills while exploring the lands of Disney movies we all know and love. If you have kids who love iSpy, matching, and Disney, this is definitely the game to introduce this holiday season.

Marvel BATTLEWORLD: Series 4

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 896654

Price: $9.99

Marvel: BATTLEWORLD is a cool new adventure game with dozens of characters from the Marvel Universe that can be expanded and collected. As you play, break open mysterious Thanos Stones to reveal the characters inside, including over 30 new characters from well-known locales throughout Battleworld, as well as some awesome new varieties!

The intriguing game concepts, battles, and locales introduced in Series 4 will keep players on their toes and put their tactics to the test. Your children can enjoy Marvel BATTLEWORLD as a solo adventure or share it with the family as they learn each character’s unique power this Christmas season.

Disney: Kingdomania

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 635265

Price: $9.99

Be prepared to enter the digital game world of Kingdomania which takes place inside a make-believe 8-bit video game, but be careful! It looks like Kingdomania is experiencing glitches that mix up all the different levels. Players must patch the glitches before it’s “Game Over” for the characters and their digital game world.

Each level features beloved Disney stories and characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Princess Tiana, and rare “glitched” character figures with the Game Ball that contains everything you need to play, including two mystery characters and 10 unique level tiles. It really is the perfect way to have fun with the family in this cute and nostalgic crossover quest!

Something Wild!

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 945734

Price: $8.99

Something Wild! is a 2-4 player, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn line of family card games featuring iconic Disney characters and collectible Pop! pocket figures. Players will play with numbered and coloured character cards to make sets and runs, just like in Rummy. Power cards specific to the included character add a fun twist to the classic card gameplay, including scoring a set to snag the Maleficent figure’s special power that helps you win.

The first player to score three powers wins. You can even combine multiple sets of the game to add more character cards and more Pop! figures, and more powers to expand the gameplay. Something Wild! is a fun and easy game to set up and play during game nights, guaranteed to entertain the whole family during the winter season. Add it as a stocking stuffer and you can play on Christmas day!

M90 Micro Blaster

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 540255

Price: $59.99

The M90 MICRO BLASTER, is an accurately reproduced and functional 1:6th scale replica of the “King of Boomboxes” with all kinds of hidden goodies. The M90 has a fully functional Bluetooth speaker with wireless connectivity, telescoping prop antennas, articulated handles, and dual micro speakers that deliver up to 6 watts of Big Power with their own volume control dials–designed to fill your house with a balanced sound that won’t get your neighbours knocking on your door anytime soon.

Worried about charging? Well worry no longer, this mini boombox is built in with an 850 mAH battery that provides up to 20 hours of playtime, ensuring constant Mariah Carey until spring rolls around. The M90 MICRO BLASTER is the perfect fit (literally) for a stocking stuffer this Christmas.

KontrolFreek x Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Performance Thumbsticks 

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 525928

Price: $19.99

Squad up and fight alongside the iconic operators of Task Force 141 with the officially-licensed Performance Thumbsticks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. With two high-rise thumbsticks, these additions to your controller are designed specifically to improve aiming, control, and grip for the new era of Call of Duty.

While the left stick ensures that you get as much smooth movement as possible with less force and more girls, the right stick aims to give you pro-level precision when aiming at a faster target acquisition. If you know someone who loves Call of Duty, the official Task Force 141 Performance Thumbsticks may be the perfect way to give them a new and improved gaming experience right in their stocking.

WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD

Strongcgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022Strong 483748

Price: 119.99

Dominate in style with the powerful WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD, a high-performance storage feature with capacities of up to 2 TB that promises maximum speed in a compact and shock-resistant design that could also withstand a drop of 2 feet, a wonderful product to slip into a stocking.

With a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 interface and speeds up to 2,000MB/s, the WD_BLACK dashboard is downloadable and provides you complete control over the LED light display for a customized experience each time you play.  If you’re looking to give somebody a wonderfully practical gift, you might want to consider the WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Blind Capsule

Cgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 534009

Price: 28.99

This mystery doll capsule comes straight from the adored Netflix children’s show Cry Babies Magic Tears, where small babies with big personalities go on wacky adventures assisted by the magical tears that give them some pretty unique powers. It is a show that many parents might have had to begrudgingly sit through.

The Cry Babies Magic Tears Blind Capsule comes designed as an adorable sippy cup with all kinds of goodies inside! Discover a magic baby bottle, a pacifier, a hanger, a mirror, a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing, and even a sticker sheet with one of the 12 main crybaby characters featured on the show! 

If your kid watches this show The Cry Babies Magic Tears Blind Capsule may be the perfect stocking stuffer for them this Christmas.

Cry Babies: Kiss Me Stella

Cgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 672371

Price: 6.99

All the Cry Babies are new and improved! Meet the Cry Babies Kiss Me Stella, she is a graceful narwhal. She has blonde-rooted hair, sparkly eyes, cute shimmery dino-themed pajamas with metallic finishes, and a super lightweight and portable body, perfect for travel!

The set comes with outfits that you can remove to mix and match, and her cheeks even blush when little ones give her a kiss. When you add water, Stella cries real magic tears and makes over 15 realistic baby sounds when you remove her pacifier. The Cry Babies: Kiss Me Stella doll is a great stocking stuffer that adds a little magic to any child’s playroom.

The Cuphead Show! Premium Enemy Pins

Cgm Recommends Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 072760

Price: 12.00

If you know someone who enjoys the quirky, 1930s-inspired animation style game The Cuphead Show, this could be the perfect little stocking stuffer. Meet these former evil guys who are now members of The Cuphead Show’s supporting cast, all of them are now available as fashionable premium pins fashioned of a copper and brass alloy metal and hand-filled colour enamel construction.

The Cuphead Show Enemy Pins feature all of your favourite villains, including Werner Werman, Sally Stageplay, Cala Maria, Ribby & Croaks, Baroness Von Bon Bon, and the nautical Captain Brineybeard, all with bright and somewhat menacing looks. Premium Enemy Pins look great on jackets, bags, and anything else you can impale with a needle!

With the release of the new holiday cups from Starbucks, the giving season has officially begun, so get ahead of the game and give your loved ones a stocking stuffer from the heart; it’s honestly never been easier!

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