Asus Has Redefined Gaming Gear

Asus Has Redefined Gaming Gear 1

With gaming becoming a juggernaut economically, it is no wonder so many hardware manufacturers are looking to make the move and have their products coveted by the gaming masses. Alien Ware managed this in the 90s and early 2000s, and more recently Razer and SteelSeries dominated the gamer zeitgeist. Despite that, one name has managed to stand the test of time, and their Republic of Gamers (ROG) sub-brand has even become some of the top tier gear for the PC, and that is Asus.

With a strong lineup of products and an attention to detail, Asus builds gear that not only looks the part, with its black, grey and red aesthetic, it also holds up to testing, time and time again. The gear feels premium, and, in many cases, is even more affordable than other brands that may be trying to pry your dollars away from you. Now this is not to say everything with the ROG branding on it will beat out everything else, but it is a branding that has quickly gained the trust of players in many ranges of products and sectors. Now, with these high-end products available at your local Best Buy, it is amazing to see the realm of the PC becoming accessible and exciting for people interesting in gaming.

ASUS ROG G752VS 17.3″ Gaming Laptop – $3199.99

Sitting as one of the top-end gaming laptops players can pick up, the ASUS ROG G752VS gaming laptop is a powerhouse no matter how you look at it. The GTX 1070, combined with a Skylake running at 2.75GHz (Overclockable to 4GHz) there are few titles this beast of a laptop can’t run.  With that power to harness all that power, G752VS is by no means a small machine. Weighing over 4kg, this is not a machine you bring with you on your daily walk to work. It’s built for power and performance, and that comes at a cost of mobility. If you are looking for a machine that can take to a tournament and not fear of any slowdown this is built for that purpose.

The Asus Products You Need In Your Life

The Full HD Gsync display ensures everything will be bright and vibrant, and the 1TB traditional hard drive, with 256GB solid state will give plenty of space for all your needs, be they gaming or video work. But perhaps most importantly the G752VS comes equipped with the full GTX 1070 combined with 8GB DDR5 graphics memory. While not as powerful as the 1080 bigger brother, for 1080P gaming, the 1070 runs with little to no issue. Even if you decide to hook up the G752VS to an external monitor, there will be no issues, even on the most intense games such as The Witcher III: Wildhunt. While not a cheap laptop offering by any means, the G752VS is currently retailing for $3199.99 at Best Buy.

ASUS ROG GT51 Desktop PC – $5,999.99

For the VR enthusiast or someone that demands the very best in tech, the Asus ROG GT51 is a machine that I can find few faults with, at least beyond the investment. The monster of a machine manages to come with 64GB DDR4, an Intel Core-i7 6700K running at 4.2GHz and a staggering two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080s. This is more power than most people need, but for anyone looking to dive into gaming, or wants to be able to pick up an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, this machine has you covered.

The Asus Products You Need In Your Life 1

The ROG GT51 is a computer that is built for the gamer in mind. From the power at its core, to the design, it is an aggressive design that you would be forgiven for believing was some sort of robot from the future. The metallic grey and red make for an iconic look. While not for everyone, the ROG GT51 has a look all its own, and for anyone that appreciates it, will make for a monumental best of a machine for all your gaming needs.

ASUS ROG Swift 27″ WQHD – $949.00

The Asus ROG lineup of monitors have always managed to impress, and this latest offering the ASUS ROG Swift 27″ WQHD is no different. Coming equipped with G-SYNC, running at 165Hz, this is a monitor built for players in mind. The solid base, sharp colours, and vibrant display all make for an overall attractive package. This is a monitor that any gamer would sit at the center of their setup and be set for years.

The Asus Products You Need In Your Life 2

Connectivity wise, the ROG Swift 27″ WQHD comes with what you would expect in today’s world. Coming with USB 3.0, DisplayPort, HDMI there should be no issues hooking your favourite machine. Running at a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and the ability to twist and move the monitor to suit any setting make it overall well built from the ground up. The ROG Swift 27″ WQHD also maintains that iconic grey and red look that the Republic of Gamers are known for. That being said, while it is a gaming monitor, it would also sit happily in an office, and I know I for one would love this sitting on my desk as I worked.

ASUS Wireless AC5300 – 499.99

Often neglected, the router is one the most important elements in an online gamers arsenal. The need for consistent, stable and powerful Wi-Fi signal no matter where the router is in relation to the computer or console is paramount. This is why the Asus AC5300 is such an attractive offering. With its tri-band connectivity, plethora of antennas and the 1.4 GHz processor at its core the AC5300 stands at the top of what most gamers need from a router.

The Asus Products You Need In Your Life 3

Asus did not stop there, though, they ensure for anyone using the AC5300 who is a gamer in a residence with other non-gamers, their own private network optimized for gaming. The GPN (Gamers Private Network) will optimize the gaming traffic to ensure you always achieve the best ping possible, especially for those high-intensity online matches. Matching most of the Asus ROG line of gear, the AC5300 looks as though it is straight out of a science fiction film. The hard angles and stark black and red look makes it stand out above the typical white or grey boxes most other routers choose to adorn. A fantastic router, and one that should be at the center of more gaming setups.

ASUS ZenWatch 3 and ZenFone – $349.99/$429.99

While Asus has served the PC gamers well, they have not left the mobile gamers looking to jump into new devices out in the cold. The Asus Zen line of products are affordable, yet well-built devices that give buyers value for the money. The Asus ZenFone, while not the most powerful phone on the market, comes unlocked and packed with features and more power than most people need. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 manages astounding battery and performance meaning you won’t need to stop and charge between gaming sessions.

While not directly designed for the gamer in mind, the Zenwatch is a piece of tech that connects you to the digital world. One of the more exciting AndroidWear offerings currently on the market. The simple yet elegant design allow it to match most attire, and the bright front facing display is suitable for all notifications or messaging. At only 9.95mm thick it feels like a timepiece you should not be embarrassed putting on in the morning. A stunning achievement in functionality and design.

Asus have managed a lineup that have something for anyone in gaming from mobile to VR powerhouse. The rang have a design that makes them feel all unique in their own way, combine that with an attention to detail and performance, and it is no wonder Asus products are among the most exciting in the sector.

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*This was a sponsored article paid by Best Buy Canada and Asus.

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