Five Atari 2600 Games that Make Your Eyes Bleed

Five Atari 2600 Games that Make Your Eyes Bleed

Over the years, gaming has given us some beautiful landscapes like anything from Uncharted 3 or Journey. But a lot of times, older games get overlooked because new tech can trump old hardware.

That’s only true sometimes. Take the Atari 2600 for example, it’s filled with classic titles that are beautiful in their own right. Here are just five examples.


Five Atari 2600 Games That Make Your Eyes Bleed 2
Football Atari 2600

Football came out in 1978 that’s 30 years before Grand Theft Auto IV, and I challenge you to find a more accurate depiction of the sport. The small details in the grass (there’s like two colours there) mixed with the flashing six people on the field (the way real football should be played) and the black square ball (the manly way to play) make this game one of the finest pieces of gaming art.  Just look at how the players flicker in anticipation of making the next big play. It’s truly beautiful.


Five Atari 2600 Games That Make Your Eyes Bleed 3
Superman Atari 2600

Superman released in 1979, a year after Christopher Reeve graced us with his silver screen performance. The problem is, no matter how great the special effects for the movie were for their time, they can’t even compete with its videogame counterpart. Superman’s all-blue suit with brown cape is more true to the comic than the movie, and the buildings in the background remind me of the multi-coloured structures of the early days of the Man of Steel.


Five Atari 2600 Games That Make Your Eyes Bleed 4
Mangia Atari 2600

Mangia doesn’t only beautifully capture a kitchen from the 70’s with it’s near realistic face portrait on the wall, but it’s also a reminder of what it’s like to be fed endless amounts of food and throwing stuff at animals while our parents weren’t looking.

Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em

Five Atari 2600 Games That Make Your Eyes Bleed 5
Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em (Atari 2600)

Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em is not only has the best name in gaming history, it’s one of the most tasteful pieces of art ever made. The detail in the women walking around with their mouths open trying to catch falling semen from a well-endowed man on top of a rooftop is captivating in a not disguising way.

Venetian Blinds

Five Atari 2600 Games That Make Your Eyes Bleed 6
Venetian Blinds – Atari 2600

While all the previous games listed above are undoubtedly beautiful, there is one that stands above the rest not only in gameplay, but in beauty as well. That game is Venetian Blinds.  The orange wall with nothing on it, the pink and blue horizon, it all captures the blind opening and closing experience in a surreal way that can’t really be put into words. Everyone should play Venetian Blinds. If you don’t, then you can’t art.

These are just a few of the most beautiful games ever made. Obviously, there were some games that couldn’t make the list, but sometimes the world is harsh. What do you think is the most beautiful game ever made? (Hint, if you don’t say Venetian Blinds, you’re wrong).

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