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Best Controller 2021 2

A gamer is only as good as their tools. Though PC gamers might prefer a mouse and keyboard, there are plenty of console gamers out there who need a great controller. So much so that, a lot of controllers can also pair with your PC, allowing for ultimate flexibility in your platform of choice. This year’s CGM covered plenty of Xbox peripherals, with a dash of PlayStation on top. Who knows what’s next in 2022?

Here are CGMs nominees for Best Controller 2021/22:

Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller

Best Controller 2021

Writer: Ridge Harripersad
Score: 7.5
Price: $99.99

The Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller shines for competitive gaming. As someone who plays a lot of ranked matches in Apex Legends and Halo Infinite, it is important I have reliable technology to keep me alive and come out on top in sticky situations. The Victrix Gambit Dual Core’s dual-core processing power is great in terms of speed and almost had me accidentally clicking buttons a little too easily.

One of the most interesting physical features of the Victrix Gambit Dual Core is the clutch buttons, which help set the travel distance of the controller’s triggers. This means you have the option to adjust how much you squeeze the trigger to get a response in-game—for example, the default setting is super quick and the tiniest of pressure on the Right Trigger will fire your gun in an FPS game like Call of Duty or Battlefield 2042. This can be a great feature for pros or tournament players who have great control and shortens the latency response time of pressing the triggers.

For someone looking to get more serious in their gaming performance, the Victrix Gambit Dual Core can definitely be a great upgrade from a regular Xbox controller, but none of the customizable features really captivated me.

PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox

Best Controller 2021

Writer: Dayna Eileen
Score: 8
Price: $89.99

The Fusion Pro 2 is a competitive controller, especially given the steep price range of the Elite controllers. At $89.99, the Pro 2 isn’t a price you can turn your nose up at. It is only slightly more expensive than a Series X wireless controller, so if you’re comfortable with the cable, there is no reason not to upgrade. This wired device is responsive, the buttons have just the right amount of click, and the customization blows a regular controller out of the water.

For under $100 you can have all the perks of a pro controller and though there are some small differences—like being wired—it still remains competitive with the higher priced options. The Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox is an affordable choice for someone looking for an Elite controller without breaking the bank. It will be a standout piece to add to your Xbox gaming collection.

The Fusion Pro 2 Controller for Xbox has great customization and functions well, but it’s price point is what really allows it to compete with Elite controllers.

RIG Pro Compact Controller for Xbox

Best Controller 2021

Writer: Dayna Eileen
Price: $79.96

Out of the box the RIG Pro Compact controller felt lightweight. The stark white contrasts nicely with the black buttons, triggers and sticks with a copper ring around the sticks as a unique touch. The controller features all the buttons you’d find on an original Xbox brand controller with a subtle NACON logo in the middle. The cord for the wired controller is nearly 10 feet long, which is great for console players, but much more than I needed for my PC. I found myself a little tangled regularly. Once the controller was plugged into my system of choice, it connected on its own seamlessly and was ready to go with its default settings.

The RIG Pro Compact controller is compatible with PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The wired connection is needed for me as my PC doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities and promises a zero latency connection with each system which is a guarantee NACON followed through on. Personally, I find wired connections for consoles more bothersome than anything and with so many wireless options available, it wouldn’t be my controller of choice for that reason alone. For anyone who does prefer the wired connection, the cable is more than long enough to allow you to sit comfortably on the couch or in your favourite gaming chair while remaining connected to the console.

Nacon’s Rig Pro Compact Controller creates a premium gaming experience from the way it feels to its customization. With the added bonus of Dolby Atmos sound capabilities, it will be hard to beat as a wired offering.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox

Best Controller 2021

Writer: Dayna Eileen
Score: 8.5
Price: $149.99

From the cable to the controller itself, the Wolverine V2 Chroma looks slick. It’s sleek lines and flashy RGBs—though completely unnecessary—add a touch of flair you don’t see with regular controllers. It features six additional multi-function buttons, two near the triggers and four on the back—two more than the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. There are so many options on this controller and almost everything is completely customisable.

The Razer Controller Setup for Xbox app allows you to remap the six new buttons to any other buttons on the controller. The app also allows you to customize the Chroma lighting on the Wolverine V2, including the colours, brightness and effect. Here you can adjust the Motor Vibration and the Sensitivity Clutch, meaning you designated a button that will change the thumbstick sensitivity temporarily while it’s held down.  The Setup App was really easy to use, making customization simple. My controller breathes teal and magenta for absolutely no reason, and I love it.

The Wolverine V2 Chroma does everything you could want your Elite controller to do. Aside from a few small issues, the device is one of the better controllers I’ve used for my Xbox Series X and it’s clickiness is just too good to pass up.

DualSense Wireless Controller (Winner, Best Extras 2021)

Best Controller 2021/22

Writer: Brendan Frye
Score: 9
Price: $69.99

The new controller not only feels fantastic, is more comfortable and feels like a leap forward for gaming, it also just looks fantastic. The white and black style on the launch DualSense has a new but iconic style that is immediately recognizable. But, if you are like me, you missed the splash of colour that could be found on the PS4. From red, to black, to plenty of custom offerings, the PS4 has no shortage of options should you want to make the console uniquely yours.

The new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red are unique takes on the options previously available. The Black, for example, feels understated but sleek in styling. The blue light when the console is on, contrasts with the black and grey look of the controller to give a sharp overall feel. The red on the other hand is vibrant and notably different from many red controllers I have used in the past. The red feels different enough to make it stand out next to the competition, with the dark grey accents making it look good when standing at the ready or playing a game.

Sony has refined the PlayStation experience, and the new DualSense Controllers make all that much more colourful.

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