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Though platformers are often remembered with nostalgia, 2022 brought a slew of new platformer titles that people are sure to be playing well into 2023. Across Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X and more, the genre made big waves with fans this year. Whether we were visiting familiar faces like Sonic, skateboarding our way through levels in OlliOlli World, or fighting old-world magic as a brave knight in Infernax, we were definitely busy with our platformers.

Here are the nominees for Best Platformer 2022:

Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How To Get The True Ending

Writer: Philip Watson
Console: Nintendo Switch
Score: 8.5 
Price: $50.89

Welcome back to the land where the shovel is mightier than the sword, and shovelry is synonymous with filling your pockets with large amounts of treasure. Shovel Knight Dig is a prequel to the original Shovel Knight: The Shovel of Hope, but loses none of its character, charm, and even improves on its art style while remaining simple enough to be regarded as ‘another Shovel Knight game.’ I dig this new entry.

Masterclass platforming that Yacht Club Games is known for is present here, always keeping the player on their toes while fighting off other staple enemies from the Shovel Knight brand. With the compositions of Jake Kaufman, typical Yacht Club Games style comedy, and just really solid gameplay, Shovel Knight Dig succeeds while remaining a fresh entry to a tried and true formula.


Infernax (Pc) Review 1

Writer: Philip Watson
Console: PC
Score: 8.5
Price: $44.95

The world of Infernax hearkens the player back to side-scrolling action-adventure titles of old and feels exactly like it could have belonged on the NES. The title is clearly inspired by titles such as Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, except it never leaves you hanging with the “what do I do next?” or “where do I go?” feeling. Nothing is out of place in the Duchy of Upel, besides the bloodthirsty demons that roam literally everywhere. As mentioned by the trigger warning screen going in, this game is GORY.

Infernax is a love song to 2D platforming games with gratuitous violence and a decent storyline that hitches a ride for the duration of gameplay. Smooth gameplay mechanics and responsive controls are a must in a title like this, and Infernax delivers in exceptional fashion. The choice game mechanic is rare for a title like this, and always made me double-think every response I was about to make, an extra addition to a fantastic game that gives replay value that doesn’t feel cheap or bloated. 

OlliOlli World

Olliolli World Review 1

Writer: Philip Watson
Console: Xbox Series X
Score: 8
Price: $39.99

Upon starting OlliOlli World, the art style is phenomenally cartoonish and seems to take some inspiration from the Adventure Time TV series. It works very well here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ‘Jake the dog’ costume happen either in the game, or as DLC, considering it has been promised for the title. The world of Radlandia is filled with gnar, and the audio, while very tame, works in tandem with the title like the game and soundtrack were made for each other.

Each attempt at a stage that ends in failure makes the player want to try again. It is a fun experience that gets addicting. The ‘one more run’ feel is present with each attempt. Although the side quest where you must race a bear down a river is almost impossible, The Flash has competition.

These addicting 2022 platformer games have me wanting to jump more platforms, maybe even some new ones in 2023. My new year’s resolution is to jump more platforms… Maybe that’s a weak goal… either ebay, these platformers are the most exciting of the year!

Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins (Ps5) Review 1

Writer: Chris De Hoog
Console: PlayStation 5
Score: 9.5
Price: $53.49

Sonic Origins’ main draw is that it contains the original Genesis trilogy/quadrology and Sonic CD, in one package, rebuilt to run without emulation. Therefore, these gems are now built for modern displays in 16:9 thanks to Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley’s Retro Engine, ironing out most of the bugbears that plagued previous versions in the process.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles are reconfirmed as the height of the franchise for me, though. Its level design is a cut above the rest, with mid-bosses and shifting aesthetics between acts. The only thing holding back is the soundtrack. It’s not Sega’s fault per se, but missing half of the Sonic 3 soundtrack is jarring for this longtime fan. The affected zones had such iconic themes that the new replacements really can’t compete. Is it even Carnival Night Zone if that music isn’t taunting me, or truly IceCap Zone without that frosty chord progression?

WINNER: Best Platformer 2022 Tinykin

Best Platformer 2022 23013001 1

Writer: Jordan Biordi
Console: Nintendo Switch
Price: $28.99

Tinykin has very clearly been inspired by games like Pikmin and Banjo & Kazooie, and yet it feels so distinctly different from both of those games—it’s definitely a lot more chill than either of them. Players take on the role of Milodane, a little scientific explorer, seemingly searching for planets with similar life forms. When he finally discovers one, he travels through a bubble transporter which damages his equipment and renders him unconscious.  

Each area is full of interesting ideas—the way books, VHS tapes, or ordinary cans are stacked like platforms, or how cupboards and shelves become little villages or cantinas. Stacks of sponges (the one with the green Brillo side) become farmland, and each area’s unique theme makes it feel so distinct and alive, considering they’re just average rooms in a house. Furthermore, being so tiny opens so many nooks and crannies to explore, adding a lot of fun and a great sense of adventure to the game. 

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