Best Wireless Mouse 2021/22

Best Wireless Mouse 2021 3

Whether you’re a gamer on the go, or rushing off to your next class, a mouse that is portable is extremely important. Saving space in that laptop bag, or reducing the tangle of cords on your desk while still maintaining low latency and battery life are just a few of the things to consider when finding yourself a wireless mouse. SteelSeries and Razer have impressed our writers this year, with brands like HUAWEI and Logitech coming in 2022. 

Here are CGMs nominees for Best Wireless Mouse 2021/22:

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse 2021/22

Writer: Clement Goh
Score: 7
Price: $169.99

This is a mouse that feels right at home in most hands. Like a love at first touch, the Prime Mini Wireless sports a comfortable sculpt for your right palm and fingers. Though it’s a smaller design than SteelSeries’ bigger Prime mouse, users actually won’t be able to tell much apart. This is thanks to the Prime Mini Wireless’ sharper hump on the top. Letting my knuckles rest on the top, my palms around the base and my fingertips at the ready. The scaled-back size of the Prime Mini Wireless feels a bit more tactile in this approach. It’s even better for claw-style mouse users making clicks with their fingertips.

Through the Prime Mini’s nature for competitive gaming, SteelSeries is proving that it meets the expectations of eSports gamers. I can happily say this is one of the most accurate mini mice players can practice with on-the-go. The Prime Mini still has trade-offs as a portable mouse for laptop gaming. But users can arguably replace their desktop gaming mice with the Prime Mini Wireless. It’s more than a worthwhile backup, since it’s not too far off from the full Prime Wireless mouse. In fact, they’re nearly identical as a gamer’s best weapon.

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless jumps deeper into eSports territory with a mouse that keeps up with competitors, if you can ignore its awkward customization.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse 2021

Writer: Chris de Hoog
Score: 7.5
Price: $169.99

Weighing in at 80g, the Prime Wireless is 5g lighter than the Rival 5 I recently converted to after reviewing. It doesn’t quite challenge the Razer Viper Ultralight’s 69g, but it’s light enough and a good choice for those who don’t want to convert to a honeycomb design. It moves smoothly without resistance on both the generic grip material of my lap desk and varieties of gaming mousepads, like SteelSeries’ own QcK and QcK Heavy.

In terms of battery life, you’ll go for long stretches between recharges if you configure the Prime Wireless conservatively in GG and remember to switch the mouse off physically when not in use. The modest RGB lighting, tucked in the sides of the wheel, can be set to dim automatically when idle to assist in this department. The charging cable slips into a port above the buttons.

The Prime Wireless is a modest, no-frills option for esports gamers on the go, though held back slightly by the size of its transmitter.

Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse 2021

Writer: Dayna Eileen
Score: 8.5
Price: $99.99

Let’s rip off the band-aid, the Razer Pro Click Mini does not feature RGB lights. I know, it’s tragic, but not everything has to light up, I suppose. The trade-off is that this crisp white and grey HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless mouse brings a premium feel to your workspace, especially when paired with the other gear from the Productivity line-up.

This mouse, aimed more toward office settings, still comes loaded with seven programmable buttons, a max sensitivity of 12 000 DPI, an optical sensor and a switch lifecycle of 15 million clicks. Razer allows for five different memory profiles, and a 2.4GHz or Bluetooth connection. One of my favourite parts is how silent it is though. It actually took a little getting used to after the Viper Ultimate that has been on my gaming desk at home for so long. My work days have gotten a lot quieter. You can hear the difference here.

Razer has brought a whole new look to the office, and didn’t sacrifice any of the quality they are known for. They have taken a massive jump into the office world with the Razer Pro Click Mini and Productivity suite. I’m here for it.

Razer Orochi V2 Mouse (Winner)

Best Wireless Mouse 2021/22

Writer: Dayna Eileen
Score: 9
Price: $69.99

As Razer’s most compact mouse to date, the Orochi V2 was designed specifically with gaming on the go in mind. The company’s aim was to design a mouse that was small in stature but could live up to hardcore gamer’s needs while they take their gaming on the road. Not many people around here are on the road at the moment due to the pandemic, but I found the Orochi V2 took the spot of my regular mouse and laptop track pad for all my home activities as well during testing.

Razer has never made a product that I haven’t enjoyed, but their Orochi V2 really suits my needs. As a mom, gamer and employee on the go, the mouse fits perfectly right inside my laptop case and its two modes are convenient and easy to use, especially when I leave pieces behind. I fully intend to use the mouse full-time and would suggest the Razer Orochi V2 to anyone looking for a wireless option.

Razer hit the nail on the head with it’s Orochi V2 gaming mouse. Compact, convenient and perfect for working or gaming on the go, this mouse won me over and has a new home in my everyday office.

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