Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse Review

Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse Review
Razer Pro Type Hardware Review
Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse
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Razer has recently brought their Productivity Suite to the table with a series of high-precision products meant to optimize your workspace. This suite consists of the Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse, Pro Click, Pro Type Ultra, Pro Glide XXL and Medium and more. Normally, Razer is known for their flashy RGB lighting and gaming gear, but I was a major fan of the Orochi V2, and now I can safely say the same about the Pro Click Mini.

Let’s rip off the band-aid, the Razer Pro Click Mini does not feature RGB lights. I know, it’s tragic, but not everything has to light up, I suppose. The trade-off is that this crisp white and grey HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless mouse brings a premium feel to your workspace, especially when paired with the other gear from the Productivity line-up.

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This mouse, aimed more toward office settings, still comes loaded with seven programmable buttons, a max sensitivity of 12 000 DPI, an optical sensor and a switch lifecycle of 15 million clicks. Razer allows for five different memory profiles, and a 2.4GHz or Bluetooth connection. One of my favourite parts is how silent it is though. It actually took a little getting used to after the Viper Ultimate that has been on my gaming desk at home for so long. My work days have gotten a lot quieter. You can hear the difference here.

“The Razer Pro Click Mini is ideal for small hands…”

The Razer Pro Click Mini is ideal for small hands, which is a win for me! Like I said, I loved the Orochi V2 for some of the same reasons.  It measures at 100.2 mm x 62.7 mm x 34.2 mm. I fear that anyone with a larger palm may find the Pro Click Mini uncomfortable, especially after longer use. It does, however, feature texture on the sides and scroll wheel, which adds some extra comfort and grip for those it fits well.

Connection to your PC is simple. Either plug in your USB dongle, that stores safely inside the mouse when not in use, or switch over to the Bluetooth setting. I haven’t had any trouble switching from device to device, between my work PC and my MSI GS66 Stealth Laptop.


Battery life on the Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse is excellent, as usual from Razer. It boasts up to 725 hours on Bluetooth and up to 465 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless. After using it for three weeks, during my nine to five job and then some, I have yet to replace the battery.

Another notable win for Razer is the weight of the Razer Pro Click Mini. It weighs slightly more than the Orochi V2, at 88g with one AA battery, and 111g with two AA batteries. A little odd that it can run with one OR two, but nice if you happen to be digging through your junk drawer on the day the mouse actually does die. The only real noticeable difference is how light you want your mouse to be. It’s the perfect mouse for someone on the go, but still holds its own as my primary desktop tool.

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Razer, yet again, brings style and class to the table with its Productivity Suite, and the Pro Click Mini has become a regular part of my office. Its shape and functionality are more than I could ask for from my day-to-day mouse. Branching out from the gaming market and into the office world with this bright new line is a great step for Razer on their continued journey to take over the tech world from all sides.

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