ExitLag: An Intuitive Way to Reduce Lag While Gaming

ExitLag: An Intuitive Way to Reduce Lag While Gaming

There are few adversaries more infallible in the gaming world than dreaded lag spikes, and as every gamer knows, while in the middle of a heated session there is virtually no help with these irritating occurrences. When unplugging and plugging back in — the tried-and-true troubleshooting method for years — doesn’t work, what could be the next possible option for lowering ping as far as it can go? Introducing ExitLag, a connection optimization solution that can help gamers stay in the game while leaving pesky lag in the rearview mirror.

What is ExitLag?

It might be slightly confusing for some to determine the difference between a traditional VPN service and ExitLag, but there are notable differences. A VPN (virtual private network) can customize the user’s location by extending a private network across public avenues to access or share data privately. Think ‘incognito mode’ but far more safe, these services also allow for the user to register different geolocations to access content not available in their country, such as Netflix shows only available in Europe while living in North America.

ExitLag operates similarly, but not identically to a VPN. The idea is to increase connection performance for the user to the game server by artificially ‘shortening’ the distance between the user and the closest server. Most game servers have many, especially extremely popular ones like World of Warcraft, but not all games can handle the upkeep of having many server locations.

Consider games in Beta (such as the latest Madden 23 Beta), usually they function slower due to games in the Beta stage having access to very few servers across a large swath of land. ExitLag aims to remedy this by offering downloadable software that optimizes the shortest route (or closest) for the data that is being sent or received to the user, to the server, and vice versa. By instantaneously mapping out these multiple (multi-path) routes and sending the packet of data through the optimal one, the software reduces lag. In case one of these routes destabilizes, the other routes become unchained to help keep lag from rearing its ugly head.

Exitlag: An Intuitive Way To Reduce Lag While Gaming

Currently, two things should be noted before even attempting to fire up the ExitLag software. One, is that it currently only works for Windows, and certain games for Windows. Two, ExitLag is currently offering a free three-day trial with NO credit card information input necessary, FREE without the need to remind yourself of cancelling before an auto charge happens is what dreams are made out of.

How To Reduce Lag

Reduction of lag or fixing lag issues can be as easy as simply installing ExitLag and going through the motions.

Let’s start by heading on over to the ExitLag website and entering the information in for a free trial. The ExitLag software works globally as well, so gamers looking for a more streamlined option in any country can slide in for the trial and determine for themselves if it is the right option as a lag deterrent.

Exitlag: An Intuitive Way To Reduce Lag While Gaming 4

After downloading and registering the software, a gamer merely must select which game that they are utilizing the software for, and away they go! There are a multitude of features the software offers at first glance as well, such as the FPS Boost functionality being included with the software at no extra charge. This is a godsend for those choppy in-game sections where there is a lot of foot traffic or many mobs to combat.

With the many options the software gives the user, a customized and efficient experience awaits. There is also the option to just roll with the original configuration at any time by just selecting that option, for those that just want to play and not tinker with settings. There is even a Traffic Shaper tool available, for those that truly want an optimized experience at their fingertips, to have direct control over how much output the software will have during playtime.

Exitlag: An Intuitive Way To Reduce Lag While Gaming

These optimizations allow the user to completely take over what functions a computer will use, and how the user can limit the output on these functions to reduce gaming lag. This is also without completely terminating needed downloads, or file uploads, basically any necessary function that needs to run while gaming for that particular session. Simply enough, the user can also just adjust whether the software is running at all by just hitting the slider that turns it on or off in the upper left of the screen, just like with ALL the other functions the service offers.

How To Fix Lag Issues

The settings allow for complete customization to flex the software’s capabilities without terminating functions. By adjusting the settings, the user can optimize how much bandwidth is being utilized by the major tasks a PC is using. The ExitLag software also allows the user to choose between hundreds of available popular games such as Valorant, Call of Duty, and even more niche titles such as Apex Legends. The choice of title allows the Exitlag software to determine which of the many servers a user’s device will utilize in order to assure the data packet doesn’t get loss, thus eliminating the leggy mess that would normally ensue.

Exitlag: An Intuitive Way To Reduce Lag While Gaming

After the free three-day trial period, ExitLag has three different subscription options ranging from $5.83 to $6.50 a month as per their subscription page. ExitLag also offers a detailed step-by-step walkthrough on how to activate an account and exterminate high ping numbers, as well as a large FAQ support section to help users stay lag free.

Fans interested can slide on over to the ExitLag website and get acquainted with a completely FREE three-day free trial today.

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