Game of the Year 2015: Multiplayer

Game of the Year 2015: Multiplayer 1
| December 25, 2015

As another year ends, the CGM staff has come together to award Game of the Year to deserving titles of 2015. After a lengthy and heated debate on podcast, and a vote from the CGM staff all over the world, we have crowned our GotY picks! Eight categories that span all year and a wide range of genres. These titles are the best of the best of 2015 and demonstrate unique qualifications that set them apart and above in 2015. Here is our pick for Multiplayer Game of the Year.

There’s a lot to be said for the thrill and glory that can be had in the multiplayer arena. While solo experiences build the player as the hero, a multiplayer experience gives the player the opportunity to prove it. Whether it’s single-handedly taking down the opponent’s whole team, or helping to secure victory, these games prove the most fun that can be had while playing with others.

Nominees: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
                    Dying Light
                    Rock Band 4

Winner: Splatoon One of Nintendo’s most admirable traits is its commitment to stand out from the crowd and create unique experiences. This couldn’t be more evident than in their first entry into the online-only arena, and with a shooter no less. Rather than trying to imitate the most popular games in the genre, Splatoon reinvents the formula and provides some much needed reinvigoration to it, shifting the focus away from the “kill everything until you win” standard that games like Halo and CoD made so popular.

Splatoon creates new goals for victory, focusing on co-ordination and teamwork as you try to paint as much ground as possible. Splatoon reminds people how much fun getting messy can be, and provides an exhilarating experience for both adults and kids—veterans and newcomers alike. Couple that with stunning, colourful visuals, a familiar yet unique world, and an amazing original soundtrack and you have one of the best multiplayer experiences not only of the year, but possibly the decade.

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