Movies to Catch This Christmas

Movies to Catch This Christmas 6

Christmas is an occasion that is bundled with sumptuous meals, alluring tunes and most importantly, awesome movies.

Plus, with the current unusual climate, some of us might want to just wrap ourselves with a comfy blanket, sip a cup of hot chocolate and feast our eyes on a good Christmas classic.

That said, there are thousands of movies for us to choose from and to be frank, we can’t fit them all into our Christmas schedule, thus, we have compiled a list of movies dedicated to this year’s Christmas for your convenience!

Anastasia (1997)

Movies To Catch This Christmas

Genre: Drama, History

Producer: Fox Family Films, Fox Animation Studios

Disney may take the throne of having the best-animated films year in and year out, but there are still many underrated gems that flew under the radar that are not from Disney.

Anastasia is one of those gems. Anastasia tells a story about a teenage girl trying to locate her family and she teams up with two con men to achieve her goal.

The story is loosely based on the story of the 1956 version of Anastasia by Anatole Litvak but the ‘97 version adds more fictional elements to the movie like magic that makes the ‘97 version more accessible to the younger audience.

That said, Anastasia is noticeably much darker than your average Disney movie as it sets a grittier, more melancholic tone which might be a vibe that some are searching for if they are spending this year’s Christmas alone.

Home Alone (1990-2003)

Movies To Catch This Christmas 1

Genre: Family, Comedy

Producer: Hughes Entertainment, Fox Television Studios, Fox Family Films

The Home Alone movies are certified classics. While one can argue over which Home Alone movie is the best, we prefer them all, as once you watch the first Home Alone instalment, you’re pretty much down the rabbit hole.

The films’ structure is relatively similar where it follows a young kid trying to outwit a couple of bad guys. Even so, the Home Alone movies have stood the test of time and have ironically become cult classics that are enjoyed on every Christmas movie night.

We guess that sometimes slapstick comedy doesn’t necessarily need a Nolan-like plot to be good. It can be corny, it can be nonsensical, on top of it all, the most important thing is that it brings smiles to anyone who watches it.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) 

Movies To Catch This Christmas

Genre: Fantasy

Producer: Disney, Walden Media

C.S Lewis’ works have always been more or less influenced by Christianity and the Chronicles of Narnia is perhaps the only one that has made it to the big screens.

Its first instalment, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the closest resemblance to Christmas. It is set during a time where Christmas is approaching, accompanied by the harsh beauty of winter.

Visually, Narnia is stunning in almost all aspects. For its time, the computer-generated images were all on point and the action scenes were all choreographed splendidly.

One can also make a case that Narnia is thematically the closest to Christmas as its story bears the values of togetherness and forgiveness.

A great watch for any Christmas night.

Klaus (2019)

Movies To Catch This Christmas 3

Genre: Fantasy

Producer: Netflix Animation, Sergio Pablos Animation Studios, Atresmedia Cine 

Rewriting history is very controversial in its own right, especially since it’s a rendition of Christmas’ central figure, Saint Nicholas.

Luckily, Klaus did it justice where despite it changing Santa Claus’ origin story, it was still loved by many and has even won itself a nomination for the Academy Awards.

The art approach of Klaus is very unique as it emphasises the use of lighting and texturing which are both rarely used in today’s animation.

Therefore, if you are looking for a light and comfortable movie to end your Christmas night with your loved ones, we highly recommend giving Klaus a shot in closing the Christmas curtains.

Krampus (2015)

Movies To Catch This Christmas

Genre: Horror

Producer: Legendary Pictures, Zam Pictures

Since we’ve recommended a film that shows the beauty of Christmas with Klaus, let’s take a look at the darker side of Christmas.

In popular folklore, the good kids are rewarded with Christmas presents from Santa Claus while the naughty kids would get coal instead.

However, there’s a lesser-known story where the naughty kids would get a more morbid treatment than just a lump of coal.

It is said that, during Christmas, naughty kids would not be visited by Saint Nicholas but an anthropomorphic creature called Krampus will instead pay them a visit.

This folklore is then brought to the screens in the 2015 film Krampus where a broken family is tormented by Krampus in which they would encounter many supernatural mishaps.

Despite Krampus being a horror film, the movie itself is still very likeable amongst horror lovers and if your family falls inside that demographic, then Krampus is the movie for you.

When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

Movies To Catch This Christmas 5

Genre: Drama, Romance

Producer: Castle Rock Entertainment, Nelson Entertainment

Similar to Home Alone, When Harry Met Sally… is also a must-watch for all moviegoers every Christmas.

Compared to modern romance films, one might find When Harry Met Sally… to be a little corny and cheesy but truth be told, it is truly an honest film.

Its story is extremely straightforward and crosses over a decade, talking about the relationship of a realistic guy called Harry Burns and an idealistic lady called Sally Albright.

The story discusses how both parties are completely compatible with each other yet have never been in a relationship before, maintaining a platonic relationship throughout the decades.

We don’t want to go into detail on how the story progresses or ends, as When Harry Met Sally… is a film that is extra special when you watch it for the very first time.

Lovebirds or not, we believe almost anyone would find When Harry Met Sally… a fitting watch for this year’s Christmas.

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