MSI Vector GP68 HX 12V: The Ultimate Gaming Laptop for 2023?

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Leading gaming hardware can sometimes be hard to find, but MSI has made a habit of creating top-of-the-line laptops that gamers, engineers, programmers, game designers, and more can trust and invest in. When you look back at their state-of-the-art lineup of hardware, it’s hard not to get excited about one of their newest devices—the Vector GP68 HX 12V.

Born for performance, this premiere gaming laptop utilizes a brand-new idea found in the Vector GP series, called the Tesseract, after Marvel’s famous, magical cube sought after by superheroes and villains alike. Much like the true nature of the Tesseract (avoiding ten-year-old film spoilers), the cube found in the Vector GP68 HX 12V has a lot more in store than meets the eye, allowing information and data to be transmitted freely and rapidly, making it the optimal device for STEM users.

While there isn’t actually a magical, space-bending cube in the MSI Vector GP68 HX 12V, the idea behind it stands in line with the message the laptop is trying to convey—the technology packed into this top-notch piece of hardware is otherworldly, and makes for the sort of package that any gamer or professional could get behind for whatever their needs may be.

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Starting with desktop performance, the Vector GP68 HX 12V features (up to) an Intel Core i9-12900HX processor, with eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores, the power utilized in this device provides a boost for anyone planning on using it for multitasking multiple projects at once, or for those who simply want to get the best performance in whatever games tickle their fancy.

Paired up with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs coming standard in the Vector GP68 HX 12V, and you’ve got a 1-2 punch that can’t be beat—making this one of the fastest-running models on the market. The newly-introduced Ada Lovelace architecture uses AI for good, allowing for ultra-powerful DLSS 3 to create beautiful, lifelike worlds with full ray tracing.

Partnering with NVIDIA instantly makes the Vector GP68 HX 12V a step above the rest, as it also features their Max-Q suite of technologies, which add boosts to not only performance and power, but also battery life, and acoustics for optimal performance from top to bottom, regardless of the tasks at hand.

“Partnering with NVIDIA instantly makes the Vector GP68 HX 12V a step above the rest…”

The ability to switch between Discrete Graphics Mode and MSHybrid Graphics Mode (NVIDIA Optimus) makes the Vector GP68 HX 12V flexible in all sorts of environments, depending on the user’s needs. NVIDIA Reflex delivers low latency and quick responses that are necessary for most high-FPS games, which the Vector GP68 HX 12V is optimized for, but even if you’re journeying through worlds in VR rather than trying to optimize your K/D ratio, this laptop takes the work in stride.

Throwing in a bit of their own muscle, MSI OverBoost technology maximizes the abilities of the Vector GP68 HX 12V by combining the loads of the 140W GPU with Dynamic Boost 2.0 and the 45W CPU to make for a whopping 185W of graphical power possible to achieve. In order to contain all of that power, the Vector GP68 HX 12V uses a cooling solution utilizing a shard-pipe design, which allows for higher thermal capability, called MSI Cooler Boost 5. Those two, powerful fans and six heat pipes make for a device that can handle the pressure of being on of the hottest laptops on the market.

Besides just going on and on about how strong the MSI Vector GP68 HX 12V is, its RGB capabilities will make anyone worried about the way their setup strobes blush. Using a per-key RGB keyboard from SteelSeries, the Vector GP68 HX 12V allows the user to full customize each key to their liking, while also featuring WASD keys that are transparent and easier to see when illuminated.

Speaking of visuals, the Vector GP68 HX 12V has a 16” immersive display at a 16:10 ratio that is tailored for gamers, with QHD+ resolution and up to a 240Hz refresh rate. Staying ever-flexible to whatever your setup may be, the Vector GP68 HX 12V also has the ability to expand across multiple displays that you may have at your disposal, via HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, or USB Type-C.

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Speed has been the name of the game since this article began, and the Vector GP68 HX 12V continues to shine with its combination of Wi-Fi 6E allowing for market-leading speed whilst online, as well as its PCI-E Gen.5 SSD and DDR5 Ram keeping things moving along quickly in the storage department. SteelSeries GG allows for high bandwidth and low latency while typing, especially when synced between other SteelSeries devices.

Rounding things out is the sound capabilities of the Vector GP68 HX 12V, which features premium, Hi-Resolution Audio via its Nahimic by SteelSeries speakers. This high-quality audio system makes this type of hardware a must-have for those needing to hear what’s going on as quickly and crisply as possible.

Finally, ports, ports, ports! The Vector GP68 HX 12V comes with all the ports you could possibly need for whatever it is you need them for, featuring several types of USB ports, HDMI 2.1, RJ45 and DC-in ports, and even an SD Card Reader, making the Vector GP68 HX 12V versatile in any situation, regardless of the cords you have at your disposal.

Available with either Windows 11 Pro or Home, the Vector GP68 HX 12V is available now for $2999.99 CAD at retailers like Memory Express, Newegg, and Canada Computers, with several having a Back To School sale to celebrate the time of year in order to get this top-of-the-line laptop to you for an affordable price, with up to $300 off at participating resellers while the deal lasts.

Professionals across the industry, those looking for optimized STEM technology, or simple those wanting a state-of-the-art gaming experience will all want to give the MSI Vector GP68 HX 12V a look when trying to decide on their next big laptop investment, as the combination of power, versatility, and style in design makes for one of the best pieces of hardware available on the market today.

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