The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes in Film

The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes in Film 4

Roulette is a game that is steeped in history and adored by millions. While it’s a game that requires a great deal of luck, it still manages to draw people in, given its fun and entertaining offering. In terms of movies, it’s a classic game that has been prominently featured in a selection of top movies over the years.

Not only can a game of roulette add to a particular release, given its association with stylishly-dressed Bondesque heroes and dastardly gangsters, but it can also apply to so many different movie genres, from comedies and dramas to action-packed thrillers. While the game might not be accessible to us all in the flesh, with some opting for online roulette at an online casino instead, there is no doubting just how much it has impacted cinema over the years. From memorable scenes to movies based purely on the popular casino game, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable roulette movies ever.

The Deer Hunter

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While The Deer Hunter’s roulette-themed scene doesn’t feature the ball and miniature wheel that we’re used to seeing, the Russian roulette that is instead on show makes for one of the most iconic movie scenes ever. After being captured by Vietnamese combatants, a group of friends and soldiers from America are given the horrific treatment of having to pull a trigger that is being pointed directly at their heads. An incredibly tough-to-watch moment, this particular scene will live long in the memories of many, especially those who adore what is a classic movie in The Deer Hunter.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes In Film 2

Casino life is prominently featured in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, as acting legends Steve Martin and Michael Caine play a pair of unscrupulous individuals who are looking to con their way through life, eventually ending up in high-end casino resorts in France. In one of the most iconic scenes from what is a classic movie, both men partake in a memorable game of roulette. We won’t give away any spoilers, but the pair’s antics are remarkable.


The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes In Film 3

As you might expect, given the movie’s title, Croupier sees Clive Owen playing a croupier. Also, trying to establish himself as a writer, Owen experiences everything casino gaming entails, with everything being mentally recorded so he can cover it in his writing. Featuring an array of different games associated with a casino, including a number of intriguing roulette games, Croupier is a movie well worth checking out.

Diamonds Are Forever

The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes In Film 1

James Bond has regularly frequented casinos in a selection of different 007 movies. Whether it’s due to the high-end offering inside a casino resort or the fact he had to teach an enemy a lesson around the poker table, Bond certainly has an affinity with casinos. In Diamonds Are Forever, the British secret agent is seen playing a number of famous casino classics, including roulette, where he is seen trying to reign supreme against other casino gamers. From there, though, one of the most famous scenes in 007 movie history occurs when Bond plays a game of craps with plenty of consequences.

Indecent Proposal

The Most Memorable Roulette Scenes In Film 5

As we’ve touched on already, succeeding in roulette requires a great deal of luck. This is perhaps best on show in Indecent Proposal when a recently married couple decides to put all of their life savings on a spin of the roulette wheel. As you can imagine, it doesn’t end well. In an attempt to get their money back, the couple accepts a lucrative offer from a billionaire for the female lover to spend the night with him. From there, it gets very messy.

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