The MSI Pulse GL76–The Laptop Of The Future

The MSI Pulse GL76–The Laptop Of The Future

MSI is synonymous with gaming and their latest and greatest in design and power is what keeps them a top name in the gaming landscape. The MSI Pulse GL76 comes with the signature MSI strength and stylish design, fans that can power through main scenarios and side quests with ease, helping to give you a leg up on the competition. 

CGMagazine is no stranger to MSI’s powerful laptop hardware, as some of the strongest laptops we have seen have come from the brand. Their latest, the MSI Pulse GL76 12UGK-239CA aims to reignite their gaming laptop heartbeat, defibrillator unnecessary.

The Msi Pulse Gl76–The Laptop Of The Future

The presentation of the MSI Pulse GL76 is nothing to scoff at. The laptop’s exterior is protected by their signature branding and sleek design, the titanium grey chassis conceptually designed by Belgian 3D artist Maarten Verhoeven, pushes visual boundaries and gives the laptop an apocalyptic look the artist is known for. Contour lines and hexagonal patterning deliver users to a futuristic setting, without a DeLorean. A single zone RGB backlit keyboard allows for gaming in poorly lit conditions and lifts the key’s aesthetic.

The MSI Pulse GL76 12UGK-239CA is not just a pretty face, the laptop packs some serious power into its frame. The latest Gen 12 Intel Core i7-12700H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070 Laptop GPU equips the Pulse GL76 with power for days and allows it to power even the most demanding of games, such as Elden Ring, at a high level, without batting an eye. As is the standard with new laptops, the MSI Pulse GL76 is loaded with Windows 11 Home, giving it maximum compatibility with game requirements. The offering of the most advanced Windows yet, with notable security upgrades, gives ease of use an uptick and gives privacy concerns the boot.

For the creators out there, this power allows for many apps to run in the background with no resistance, giving the MSI Pulse GL76 creative chops. Separate cores allow the laptop to storm through any task thrown at it. The Hybrid Core Architecture gives the laptop adaptability for the taskmaster. The P Core—or performance core—places emphasis on bigger, heavier tasks, allowing gaming to reach its maximum potential. Whereas the E core—or efficiency core—allows users to multitask without sacrificing speed for everyday casual tasks.

The Msi Pulse Gl76–The Laptop Of The Future

With the powerhouse that is the Pulse GL76, MSI didn’t take away from the overall display quality. A stunning 17.3” full HD screen, with a 1920×1080 resolution allows the laptop to give users a strong viewing experience as well. There will be no issues running games on the MSI Pulse GL76, as it comes outfitted with a 144Hz 3ms refresh rate display, keeping up with the most advanced standalone non-laptop PCs. Vibrant and colour saturated visuals are a guarantee with a 72% NTSC gamut. The IPS-level screen is hinged by a thin bezel and promises to deliver enhanced gaming experiences.

“The MSI Pulse GL76 has the specs for a gamer who truly wants it all, while strutting out in futuristic armour that can hold the line.”

Wireless connectivity problems have become a distant memory with the Wi-Fi 6E capabilities of the MSI Pulse GL76. The seamless uninterrupted connection allows for gamers to experience little to no lag while in the middle of the most demanding sessions, promising higher data rates, and most importantly, higher efficiency. Streamers could also take note of the attention to wireless function, as this connectivity can apply to the most strenuous of tasks, giving the user high output with fewer issues. Bluetooth 5.2 wireless compatibility also bolsters the laptop with the capability of connecting with the most advanced Bluetooth featured devices, which can allow gamers to equip their MSI Pulse GL76 with sidearms. Streamers can also hook up peripherals without worry.

The powerful MSI gaming laptop also offers a port in any storm, with one USB 3.2 Gen1, two USB 3.2 Gen1, one USB 2.0, and one HDMI port. This allows the user to focus on setting up, and not whether they’re able to. By utilizing port efficiency, the MSI Pulse GL76 gives entire setups a true heart to base on.

The Msi Pulse Gl76–The Laptop Of The Future 3

The MSI Centre separates the Pulse GL76 from competitors with functionality that gives users the ability to personalize their gaming experience. Not only does the centre show the current GPU demand percentage the system is currently running, but it also gives MSI laptops their very own AI that is a worthy co-op partner users can rely on. The customizable MSI App Centre allows laptop users to play mobile games with a controller, doing away with the need for the dreaded clunky touch screen controls.

The AI detects usage functionality, automatically determining which mode to function in, if the user wants. With Ambient Silent AI, the laptop further detects ‘ambient noise’ in relation to performance to automatically adjust fan speed. All of these AI and centre functions are, of course, customizable to the user’s discretion, giving a true modular approach to a gaming laptop. The Cooler Boost 5 assures the laptop’s temperature remains under constant control even after the most gruelling of sessions. 

The Msi Pulse Gl76–The Laptop Of The Future 2

It’s safe to say that MSI can construct powerful gaming laptops, and the Pulse GL76 is reminiscent of their efforts of many years producing quality gaming machines the brand is known for. The MSI Pulse GL76 has the specs for a gamer who truly wants it all, while strutting out in futuristic armour that can hold the line. The MSI Pulse GL76 12UGK-239CA is only available on, but make sure to visit the MSI Canada official website for more model options and where to buy.

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