Want a Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here’s How to Decide

Want a Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here's How to Decide

Getting a fantastic tattoo is one of the best decisions to make if you are big on art. Nevertheless, getting the wrong one can be quite uncomfortable in the future. Ideally, it is advisable to get one that would still be pleasant to look at even in the years to come without regretting it. Therefore, for you to choose the best comic book-inspired tattoo, always consider future scenarios. 

Tattoos have a permanent imprint on your skin. Therefore, choosing the best tattoo is ideal for serving you in the long run. 


When settling for a comic book-inspired tattoo, it is advisable to take extensive research on the character. The idea is to have a unique add-on to your body that resonates well with you and others, especially in a visible area. Therefore, make a carefully thought and well-informed decision about the type of comic book-inspired tattoo you want. 

Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide

You can check out the reference images after the character you want and visualize how it will look. Additionally, you can also check for other people’s tattoos with the same inspirations online. It will give you a rough idea of how you look after the process. The idea is to have excellent imagery, which will still look appealing even in 50 years to come. You can also check out different comic books to get the type of character you want when you tattoo. 

The Theme and Design 

The theme and design of your tattoo depend on the comic book inspiration you choose. Remember, comic books have different genres to their name. You can have romantic, superhero, adult, children, action, and even horror themes. Therefore, even with the comic’s broad term, you have to narrow down to the specific theme you want. 

Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide

Sometimes, you may also choose a blend of different characters in two different genres to create your tattoo’s unique art type. 

The tattoo style will matter too. Ideally, different types are ranging from a Japanese imprint, realistic, or even abstract. It comes up as an addiction to the kind of character you decide for your tattoo. 

Get a Professional 

A reliable tattoo artist will reflect your comic tattoo inspiration to your skin effortlessly. You wouldn’t have to tell someone what it is, as they can say to it instantly at first glance. It takes a good shape, design, size, and style to get the right imprint. Therefore, look out for a good artist. 

You can check up online for reviews or even ask for referrals among your family and friends. Plus, always ask the tattoo artist to show you previous work. You can also take an image representation of your comic inspiration and ask them if they can work with the specific theme and design. 

Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide

It Will Hurt

Perhaps you’ve heard different stories on whether the tattoo is painful. 

It varies from the placement area, type and design of the tattoo, and even the size. Nevertheless, your tattoo is going to hurt. Only the pain intervals will vary from one person to another. The use of numerous needles during the application will give varying degrees of pain. 

The Placement 

Always decide on the placement before getting the tattoo done. It translates to where you want it. You can choose a hidden area or a more open area. Also, consider your current environment as it may have different reactions. Perhaps, you could be in a place where they do not uphold tattoos, therefore, consider getting it done in a more secluded area. 

Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide

Plus, always remember the different locations will have various imprints on the same tattoo design. What would look impeccable on a fleshy area may not look the same in a bony area. 

The After Care

Always remember proper care of the tattoo area will significantly influence your recovery and healing after the procedure. A simple hack you can try in caring for your tattoo site after the process is to think of it as an open wound. Anything that you would not do on an injury avoids doing the same to the tattoo site at all costs. 

Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide

For instance, it can involve applying water to the area, touching and poking it regularly, and even using scented soap on it before healing. All the above will affect the recovery. Additionally, remember to disinfect it and avoid wearing tight clothes around the area, which would pressure it. Also, avoid the steam and sauna baths together with the pool. 

Lastly, remember that having a tattoo on your body is one significant aspect- a personal form of art. Remember that it all boils down to your preferences and what you want at the end of the day with different factors to consider. Own your tattoo.

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