What to Expect from the Marvel & Telltale Team Up

What to Expect from the Marvel & Telltale Team Up 2

Marvel Entertainment and Telltale Games are teaming up to make a game based off a Marvel property. The two companies will bring release the game in 2017.

It would seem that Telltale is teaming up with everyone nowadays. They are responsible for the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead adventure games that were critically well received. Marvel’s games in recent years have not. Marvel has shipped mediocre, licensed games after their swan song of Spider-Man 2 roughly two-console generations ago. Some games not based off movies fared better but weren’t memorable titles by any means.


This partnership will hopefully rectify this problem and bring fans what they want. To fight crime and rid all evil as a superhero, and live with their consequences their decisions have made in the Marvel Universe.
Although Telltale has never tackled superheroes before, they have had a history of developing stories that keep players emotionally invested.  Marvel prides themselves on making characters more relatable so Telltale’s style would work hand in hand with Marvels concept.

So far however, the only details available are that the game will be cross platform on consoles and PC. For now all we have is the image that came out of special event in in San Francisco last night, and what our imagination can whip up. Let the speculation begin.

Now when they say “series project” that means this will involve obviously multiple characters in one universe in numerous episodes. Possibly even have several seasons as well.  Now the hot topic remains, what character or group of characters would best suit Telltale’s vision.

Personally I’d love to see Telltale tackle X-Men. One of my favourite Marvel Games was the X-Men Legends series. All those games required you to play as a team and utilize your special mutant abilities to defeat all the enemies on screen. X-Men would be particularly interesting because mutants are treated as outcasts and with the government attempts at controlling them; I think it would fit well into a Telltale template. Telltale could strengthen their purpose for fighting whatever the threat they pit them up against.  Be it for the righteous reasons or unethical. Theirs vast amount of ideas they can play with.

Another obvious one would be giving players an option to choose a side in the Civil War. An interactive experience that possibly could have any number of outcomes would lend to more replayability. Can you imagine choosing what side you’d want to be on and what your decisions could do to change the story? Such as playing as Spider-Man and not take off your mask to reveal your secret identity to prove you’re on Iron Mans side. These outcomes are what people would like to see. It would be refreshing and provide comic book enthusiasts a story they can’t nitpick at because their decisions in the game would be their choice.

This initiative could even focus on one character and how his surrounding universe views him/her.  With Daredevil recently getting more popular due to the Netflix series, this could be a good option to delve more into Hell’s Kitchen. It could also eventually branch of to leverage The Defenders that will star Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

But I honestly think they wouldn’t just focus on just one character. With the whole Marvel Universe at their disposal, I think they try tackle as many as possible in whatever story they plan to tell.

What do you think what Marvel and Telltale have up their sleeve? Let us know in the comments.

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