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Just Let Me Be A Bastard - 2015-06-18 15:29:30

Just Let Me Be A Bastard

I’m a pretty good guy in real life. I offer my seat on the bus to old ladies, I always tip my waiter and I

I Died Alone With a Very High Score - 2015-05-28 13:52:59

I Died Alone With a Very High Score

Days after my fourth anniversary with my girlfriend we came upon the stark realization that things just weren’t working anymore. Over the years she’d begun

World torn asunder 1

World torn asunder

With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm literally tearing the world’s biggest MMO apart we thought it might be a good idea to sit down with some



This past year I noticed a disturbing trend in myself, much longer play sessions in a few select games with little to no progress towards

Downright Fierce - 2011-02-03 15:14:37

Downright Fierce

Seth Killian is a legend in the world of fighting games, and deservedly so. While his PhD in philosophy and fluent German skills are remarkable

Compressed Conflict - 2011-02-03 15:11:00

Compressed Conflict

Before Halo and Call of Duty, before Half-Life and Goldeneye there was Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D. id Software made a name for themselves by

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