Hunted (2012) Review

Lindsay Traves

After submitting her Bachelor’s thesis, “The Metaphysics of Schwarzenegger Movies,” Lindsay decided to focus on writing about her passions; sci-fi, horror, sports, and comic books. She covers movies and games for CGMagazine and you can follow her work on Twitter @smashtraves.

Hunted (2012) Review 1

Hunted (2012) Review

Hunted stands as a grown-up riff on a familiar fairy tale keeps men as predators more vicious than wolves. The deranged tale of a woman refusing to be prey bleeds from every orifice.
Promising Young Woman (2020) Review 5

Promising Young Woman (2020) Review

This year’s bleakest movie is a sunshiny pastel pink horror comedy. Promising Young Woman calls out the culture conducive to sexual violence and subverts rape revenge with a wink emoji.
Batman: Death in the Family (2020) Review 6

Batman: Death in the Family (2020) Review

DC’s interactive Blu-ray has you endure tortures of the Bat family, finally revealing what might have happened if 1988 Bat-fans opted for Jason to be spared.
Animaniacs (2020) Review 1

Animaniacs (2020) Review

Aging up its previous themes and keeping the meta-gags, Animaniacs is the old childhood friend coming to have a laughter filled chat about your adult lives. The tone remains intact and brings the comedy noise, but by spending too much time on overly specific political jokes, it feels immediately dated at a time audiences need relevance or escapism the most.
Run (2020) Review 6

Run (2020) Review

Run is a nail-bitingly intense and refreshing take on the horror flick with a disabled protagonist that centers on the heroism of a woman who is anything but bound.
The Cast and Creator of Utopia Reflect on How The State of the World Recontextualized Their Series 5

Gillian Flynn and the cast of ‘Utopia’ Discuss Adapting the UK Cult Favourite

The key players in Amazon’s Utopia had varying levels of fandom for the UK original but all wanted to make sure to respect where it came from.
Lingering (2020) Review 5

Lingering (2020) Review

Lingering is an imperfect example of Korean horror, but it is still worth its runtime. It takes some detours through intersecting storylines that end up distracting more than contributing, but the beautiful visuals and well-crafted mood keep it intriguing.
BITS Film Fest - Bloodthirsty (2020) Review 1

Bloodthirsty (2020) Review

Amelia Moses’ werewolf tale questions how far one must go for their craft, and what’s worth letting out your inner monster
Nightstream 2020 - Anything for Jackson Review

Nightstream 2020 – Anything for Jackson Review

The delicate marrying of multiple effects styles creates a house full of nightmare fuel that makes for enough interest to push through any story stumbles in Anything for Jackson.
Nightstream - The Queen of Black Magic Review 2

Nightstream2020 – The Queen of Black Magic Review

The scares in The Queen of Black Magic ensure a constant state of fear and dread. Though the story is sometimes more convoluted than necessary, it adds heart to the black magic tale in such a way that makes the larger terrors land much harder.

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