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The Razer Iskur
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The Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is a great addition to the chair market and will satisfy those who like to coordinate their gear.

Gaming and office chairs are certainly always in demand, but as more of us transition to work-from-home and as our social lives become more desk centric, the demand has certainly turned up. Lots of us game, work, and socialize at our desks so it is more and more important that our setups are conducive to long hours in front of our screens. That means getting the right chair.

For lots of women, however, the gaming and office chair market is tough to navigate. Not all chairs, or reviews of them, take into account many traits of the average female body type like height and hip width. While not all women are built the same, many have certain qualities that need to be considered differently. This series will review the best gaming and office chairs with those specs in mind.

For reference, the tester is about 5”4, 140lbs, wears a 28 waist, and is about average in every dimension. Hopefully, that provides a suitable avatar to contextualize chair dimensions so you can find the best chair for you. Today’s test subject: The Razer Iskur

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If you know gaming gear, you know Razer. The company is an absolute titan in the accessory industry with things like keyboards, headsets, and the all-important mouse. They have finally taken the plunge and entered the chair market with the Razer Iskur. This gaming chair promises to assist with proper posture and spinal health, and it will look awesome with the rest of your Razer accessories.

“…it’s gorgeous.”

The first thing you will notice about the Iskur is that it’s gorgeous. It comes in two colourways: black with their signature neon green detail and the new Stealth colourway that’s all black. The fabric is a resin covered synthetic leather over cotton and polyester. The level of shine makes it look premium and the chair promises durability and resistance from wear. The seat is lined with a high-density foam cushion that does good stuff for the backside.

It would be a disservice to spend too much time comparing this chair to the Secretlab slate, but it’s difficult to avoid it. The important comparison is the size. Check out the Secretlab review for more details, but the key element to note is that the Secretlab OMEGA is a small, the Razer Iskur is a Medium, and the Secretlab TITAN is a Large. Still, their size difference isn’t enormous, but for those too large for the TITAN, this functions as a good comparison. Like the OMEGA, the Iskur has a seat with stiff sides, though the Iskur seat is not as restrictive on the hips as the OMEGA.

The Iskur says that it is engineered for those up to 6”2 in height and 299 pounds in weight. This tester had no problem fitting comfortably in it. The adjustable height is not at all restrictive and this will be a great choice for shorter people that still want the racing chair style.

The Razer Iskur
The Razer Iskur

Other features include the adjustable armrests, tilt and backrest angle. But that is not the big pull. The main event is the signature snake-like lumbar support, it’s a bit of an enigma. When set in the “down” position, it is incredibly comfortable. It fit this tester perfectly and was great for long hours of sitting. It functions much better than a lumbar pillow and really hugs and supports the spine.

“…really comfortable lumbar support that works like a dream.”

The system, however, is designed to pop out to fit different seating styles and it is difficult to figure out why. It is perhaps an issue of height, but the extended lumbar support did not work. It pushes your body so far forward and it is difficult to figure how a spine could comfortably move around it. From here, it looks like a strange gimmick with no payoff. The good news is, the gimmick is easy to ignore, and by doing so, you get really comfortable lumbar support that works like a dream.

Price wise, it’s currently listed at $799CAD which puts it on par with its cohorts. The value is in the appearance and the adjustability, and it absolutely warrants its range.

The Razer Iskur is a worthy addition to the gaming chair market and will satisfy those who like to coordinate their gear. It is very height permissible for shorter people and the lumbar support is incredible—if you’re willing to ignore the gimmick. The seat base rods are not perfect for anyone with larger hips or who likes to sit cross-legged, so that’s an important beat to keep in mind. But if it’s not too restrictive or you are too short for the Secretlab TITAN and want a racing style chair, this will absolutely do the job. Its colourway makes it appropriate for almost any setting and it will look slick no matter where you place it.

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