Alchemic Cutie: A Beginners Guide

Alchemic Cutie: A Beginners Guide 13

Alchemic Cutie is an adorable new RPG, fitting right in with games like Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper and maybe even Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon. Unfortunately, since it is a brand-new game, there is little information out there and the game itself is missing a lot of guidance. Throughout the last couple of weeks of gameplay, we have gathered all the information we have come across to share with you here!

Here are a few Alchemic Cutie tips to keep in mind in no particular order:

  • You gain more Jelly “space” through the Wubba Temple storyline.
  • You can fast-travel home by going to the map and pressing Y.
  • Wubba Temple Storyline helps you reach new areas.
  • Small pedestals need relics to create new paths.
  • Jellies won’t let you carry them when unhappy.
  • Reading books at the library regains energy.
  • Some items change a Jelly’s colour (dye) or trait.
  • “Wash” removes all traits and stats.
  • Holding pet button will release your jellies to the wild.
  • In the Jelly menu you can hit X for a sub menu with more details.
  • Jellies wear items, not you!—Actually how I mark which ones I’m trying to keep, un-accessorized Jellies can go!
  • Alchemy can be used on grass (for free!) to get crystals!
  • Don’t miss a meal! Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner at home or the restaurant will gain you energy.
  • Talk to everyone on your birthday! Presents!
  • Sell unwanted Jellies to Gerba’s landfill (Grandma)—free money!
  • Alchemy can re-grow crops!
  • Fill up your Jelly’s food slots before you go exploring.
  • Someone on the island can teach meditation to recharge your energy.
  • Be careful closing your storage. The button that closes the menu buys new storage space without warning.
  • Barf Items allow you to get items back that you fed your Jelly.
  • Save your smelly beans for trading later.
  • The Lost and Found will store items you have dropped.
Alchemic Cutie (Xbox Series X) Review 1
Alchemic Cutie

Alchemic Cutie Jelly Traits

Each Jelly can have up to three traits determining how it behaves, gains happiness or even poops. We have gathered all the ones we have found so far:

Anti-Hero: All stats improve the unhappier it is.
Boring: Nothin’ much goin’ on.
Bottom Feeder: Smelly Beans restore much more food.
Brown Note: Singing makes other jellies poop.
Cuddly: Falls asleep when carried.
Distill: Drops multiple dyes when it dies.
Explorer: Can find hidden items when carried.
Feedback: Poops when carried if you regenerate energy.
Fired Up: Gains more experience after being in a competition.
Friend Finder: When carried, will reveal info of wild Jellies.
Glutton: Gains happiness on a full stomach.
Gotcha Gacha: Drops many Smelly Beans when hatching from its egg.
Grump: Always loses happiness.
Jackpot: Will drop many more or many fewer crystals when it dies.
Luminous: Glows at night.
Pillow Pooper: Poops when sleeping.
Rival: Gains food when it enters a competition.
Romantic: Stays in love longer, but only lays eggs in the evening.
Solar Skin: Gains food from sunlight.
Spirit Sense: Can detect ghosts when carried.
Sweet Dreams: Gains happiness when sleeping.
Touchy-Color: Will change colour when pet.
Trendy: Gains happiness when wearing an accessory.
Trust Fund: Hatches from its egg with more food.

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Alchemic Cutie

Alchemic Cutie Item Alchemy Progression

You can use your alchemy on most items in Alchemic Cutie to create new items, sometimes more than once! These items can be better, or worse. Here is what we found while exploring:

Original ItemFirst TransformationSecond Transformation (If any)
Aqua FlowerAqua DyeChromacrush
Bloada ChunkBloada Blast
BlobtopBlob ButterBoost Butter
Bolite OreBolite Shard x3
BumgreensTumgreensBoost Bolus
Cherry FlowerCherry DyeChromacrush
ChromacrushSwirl DyeChromacrush
Dart FlowerDart DyeChromacrush
FallnutBoost Bolus
FlushroomSitting Syrup
Fruity FlowerFruit DyeChromacrush
Garbj GuardGarbj DyeChromacrush
Grape FlowerGrape DyeChromacrush
GrowtatoTurbo Tots
HappycapHappy SapHyper Sap
Kalan KezoCrystals x10
Kezo StackKalan Kezo x20
Lime FlowerLime DyeChromacrush
Lomato SeedSeedlingPow Sprout
Marble FlowerMarble DyeChromacrush
Mint FlowerMint DyeChromacrush
Mon StackNuian Mon x10
MossnutBoost Bolus
NectarberryNectarsproutPow Sprout
Nuian MonCrystals x5
NullstoneNullshards x3
Oak AppleRust AppleGall Ink
Oak EaterOak DyeChromacrush
Orange FlowerOrange DyeChromacrush
Plant SeedSeedlingPowsprout
Polyblob GemPolysok GemPolytum Gem
PraypetalMax MorselMega Morsel
Sea Leather> Sea Jelly
Shells*Feed to Jelly*Chalk
Sleepy ThymeSleep Syrup
Smooch StoneSmooch Shard x4
Smootch BloomSmootchdoom
Snot GallBoost Bolus
SoKite OreSoKite Shard x3
SquintberrySquint SproutPowsprout
Stone SpherePolyblob shard
Tumite OreTumite Shard x3
TumstoolTum TaffyTurbo Taffy
Zest FlowerZest DyeChromacrush

Alchemic Cutie Plant Seasons

As time progresses in the game, seasons will change. With that, you’ll find all kinds of new items laying around, especial new plans in bloom. Here are the plants we have found so far, and the seasons they appear in:

Aqua BloomXXX
Bum GreensXX
Cherry CrocusXX
Fruity BlossomX
Garbj GuardXX
Marble MallowX
Mint CloverX
Muk LotusX
Oak EaterX
Orange SneakX
Sleepy ThymeXXXX
Smooch BloomXX
Sponge BloadaXXXX
Swamp LilyXX
Swirl BlossomX

Alchemic Cutie Jelly Trainers

The townsfolk on Wubba Island aren’t just there for show! Most of them can train your Jelly if you bring one by in your backpack! Here is a list of who can train your Jellies and how:

Bub: Play games with your Jelly for happiness.
Desmond: Nullify a random Jelly trait.
Dibble: Train Jelly to stay awake.
Eva: Put your Jelly to sleep.
Franco: Boost Jelly’s digestion speed.
Grandma Gabby: Make your Jelly forget it’s second trait.
Grandpa Rick: Make Jelly forget its first trait.
Juna: Trains Jelly’s Social stat.
Karl: Replace Jelly’s Boring Trait with Explorer.
Marteen: Train your Jelly’s Tummy stat.
Martha: Train a boring Jelly to be a Friend Finder.
Rolf: Make your Jelly forget its third trait.
Skeezer: Replace Jelly’s Boring Trait with Jackpot.
Titus: Trains Jelly’s Blob stat.
Vira: Make Jelly forget Boring trait

Alchemic Cutie Hidden Items

Using your alchemy around town, you can find all sorts of hidden items. If you pop a Jelly with the Explorer trait in your backpack there is no telling what you might find! Here are the significant hidden items we have found so far:

Crystal Tablet: South west at the pier overlooking the ocean.

Crystal Tablet: East, beside sunrise shrine, after placing a relic on the pedestal.

Crystal Tablet: West of map, after placing a relic on the pedestal.

Crystal Tablet: North East of the forest.

Wubba Temple Key: North West of farm, after placing relic on pedestal.

Alchemic Cutie Item Guide

There are pages and pages of items in the Alchemic Cutie Codex, but we wanted to make a quick list you can look up to see what each item does, and how much its worth (though shop keepers will pay less, even Grandma). Here are the items we have found a couple weeks into the game:

Aqua DyeAqua10
Aqua FlowerWear Item15
B-day Sausage+100 Food195
Big Bean+5 Relic Meter1
BlobiteB +5 exp45
Blobite Ore 006B +3 exp25
Blobite ShardB +1 exp10
Blue DyeBlue10
Boost Bolus+1 Max Food5
Branama HatWear Item50
Branama PeelWear Item15
Bum Greens+25 Food55
Carbon FlowerWear Item15
Carepetal+10 Happy160
Cherry DyeCherry10
Cherry FlowerWear Item15
Cia Deep CleanDeep Cleanse1
Clamshell-10 Happy1
CrownWear Item999
Crystal Trainer1
CrystalRegular Currency1
DaysproutAwake (30m)5
Dew DyeDew10
DewmintAwake 2hr5
Dewmint TeaAwake 8hr1
Everberry“+1 Max Food1
Flushroomx 1.5 Digest95
Fruity FlowerWear Item15
Garbj DyeGarbj10
Garbj GuardBarf10
Git’ n Go NOW+25 Food60
Git’ n Go!+5 Food15
Git’ n Gross+5 Food10
Glip Lip Balm=50 Happy420
Gloomy GlueT -10 exp1
Gritberry+15 Food35
Gum DyeGum10
Gum FlowerWear Item15
Happy SapS +3 exp30
HappycapS +1 exp10
HelpKelp+5 Food1
Hyper SapT + 5 exp50
Jelee Dohnot+10 Happy170
Jelly Donut+15 Food35
Jelly Flowx2 Digest115
Jelly Flush+2.0 Digest475
Jelly Munch+50 Food105
Kalan KezoA note of Kalan currency.10
Kezo StackA Buncha Kalan Kezos!100
Laxytex10 Digestion305
Leftovers+25 Food60
Lime DyeLime10
Lime FlowerWear Item15
Lomato+ Grump105
Lucky Coin+Jackpot45
Marble DyeMarble10
Marble FlowerWear Item15
Max Morsel+1 Max Food5
Meal Greens+100 Food205
Mega Morsel+5 Max Food45
Mon StackA Buncha Nuian Mon!50
Mood NecklaceWear Item100
MopeshroomT -6 exp1
Muk FlowerWear Item15
Mute SoKite T -8 exp 001S -8 exp1
Mute TumiteT -8 exp1
NewmintBarf, Alert10
Nuian MonA note of Nuian currency.5
Null Shard-Trait15
Oak DyeOak10
Oak Eater+10 Food15
Obebabulb+1 Max Food30
Old Can-10 Food1
Old Wrapper-30 Food1
Orange DyeOrange10
Orange FlowerWear Item15
PearlRare and Lustrouse500
Plant Seed+1 Food5
Pokan DollaA note of Pokan Currency15
Polyblob ShardB +1 exp15
Polysok ShardS +1 exp15
Polytum ShardT +1 exp15
Popcorn+ Boring50
Pow Sprout+20 Food45
Powerpuff+1 Food1
Praypetal+10 Food1
Rubber BootWear Item50
Sand Dollar-5 Happy1
Sandylion +5 Food+5 Food15
Sea Jelly+25 Food50
Sea Leather+15 Food10
Seedling+10 Food25
Sharepetal+5 Happy85
Sitting Syrupx3 Digest90
Slim GimS -10 exp1
SlimrootS -6 exp1
Smelly Bean+1 Food1
Smooch BloomLove (1d)15
Smooch DoomUnlove5
SoKiteS +5 exp45
Sokite OreS +3 exp25
SoKite ShardS +1 exp10
Soulstone-25 Relic Meter999
Special CouponA coupon for Skeezer’s Shop..5
Spice Soda+5 Happy80
Squintberry+5 Food15
Squintsprout+15 Food35
Starshard-1 relic Meter50
Starstone-5 Relic Meter255
Stone FishA crude stone figure of a fish.5
Sunny FlowerWear Item15
Swamp DyeSwamp10
Swamp FlowerWear Item15
Swirl DyeSwirl10
Swirl FlowerWear Item15
TouchytopX0 Exp10
Trendy ShadesWear Item50
Tum Greens+50 Food105
TumiteT +5 exp45
Tumite OreT +3 exp25
Tumite ShardS +1 exp10
Tydo Blast!x10 Digestion30
Wignut+5 Food15
WiltweedB -6 exp1
Wither WaxB -10 exp1
Yahrva Juice+3 Relic Meter1
YaysproutAwake (2h)1
Yella DyeYella10
Yella FlowerWear Item15
Zapple+20 Food40
Zest DyeZest10
Zest FlowerWear Item15
Fallnut+100 Food170
Nectarberry+10 Food25
Sleepy ThymeSleep (2hr)15
Grape FlowerWear Item15
Blue Key1
Crystal Tablet1
Dusty Case55
Garbage Bag1
Overdue Book1
Sugardrop+1 Happy20
Nectarsprout+30 Food65
Sleep SyrupSleep (4hr)20
NullstoneClear Traits50
Grape DyeGrape10
Dart FlowerWear Item15
Bloada Chunk-25 Food1
BlobtopB +1 exp10
Mint FlowerWear Item15
Growtato+30 Food65
Mossnut-2 Max Food1
TumstoolT +1 exp10
Oak AppleLove (8hr)10
Dart DyeDart10
Bloada Blast-5 Max Food1
Blob ButterB +3 exp30
Boost ButterB +5 exp50
Tum TaffyT +3 exp30
Turbo TaffyT +5 exp50
Turbo TotsX2 exp (2hr)180
Rust Apple-30 Apple1
Gall InkOak100
Mint DyeWear Item15
Snot GallBarf10
Lomato Seed-2 Happy1
Git’ n Go BURNFired Up65
Smooch StoneLove (2d)35
Polyblob GemB +1 lvl1
Smooch ShardLove (12hr)10
Polysok ShardS +1 lvl1
Polytum GemT +1 lvl1
Stone Sphere5

This is all we have gathered so far for Alchemic Cutie. Hopefully this will be enough to get you started on Wubba Island.

See something we are missing? Email [email protected] if you think we should add it!

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