Genshin Impact Guide: Aloy – Best Weapons, Artifacts

Genshin Impact Guide: Aloy - Best Weapons, Artifacts

Aloy is an under-appreciated Cryo heroine in Genshin Impact. The character came to the game straight from the Horizon series, and had people excited when she first launched. Aloy is often placed in the lowest positions of tier lists, but with her help you can create some of the strongest teams in the game. If you have her in your catalogue of characters, be sure to take the time to upgrade her, with which this material will help.

Aloy is always changing and evolving, just like the world around her. To stay on top of the latest and greatest, make sure to check back here for the most up-to-date build. This build takes into account the latest patches, weapons and new artifacts, so you can be sure you’re creating the most effective heroine possible.

Genshin Impact Guide: Aloy - Best Weapons, Artifacts 1

Aloy’s abilities and level up materials

Aloy may not have the largest skill set, but she more than makes up for it with her powerful Cryo abilities. She’s perfect for squads that need an attack-type support, as she can dish out a ton of damage and Freeze enemies in their tracks.

  • Light Attack Rapid Shot – The bow is a powerful weapon that can shoot firey arrows, iced arrows, or even arrows that explode. When you charge up your shot, you can add even more damage and Cryo to the shots.
  • Elemental Skill Ice Waste – Aloy has a special kind of bomb she can throw at enemies. It explodes and does Cryo damage. But that’s not all! After the explosion, there are small ice bombs that stay behind and explode too when they come in contact with enemies. And if that wasn’t enough, the enemy’s attack power decreases after being hit. Plus, Aloy gains a Spiral level. The more levels she has, the more powerful her attacks become. When she reaches level 4, she enters a mode called Swift Ice. This makes her normal attacks even more powerful and turn into Cryo damage.
  • Dawn’s Prophecy Elemental Explosion – Aloy hurls a mighty snowball at her enemies, dealing massive Cryo damage in an area.

Items needed to level up and Aloy’s talents

In order to level up Aloy’s talents, you will need items that include: Shivad Jade, Crystal Blossom, Crystal Marrow, Ghost Heart, Freedom Books, Molten Instant, and Crown of Insight.

Talent boost :

To increase the damage from Aloy in battle, you can start by upgrading the Elemental Explosion. By pumping the heroine’s elemental skill later on, you’ll be able to do more damage without spending any resources on a normal attack.

Genshin Impact Guide: Aloy - Best Weapons, Artifacts 2

The Best Aloy Weapon

In your squad, Aloy often attacks with skills and causes elemental reactions. To increase the effectiveness of weapons, look for more damage among weapons. For the heroine, bows with a chance / damage to critical strike or attack power are perfect. If that’s too much of an investment for you, get by with Elemental Mastery weapons and useful passives.

The best bow for Aloy:

  • Thunderous Pulse – Excellent base damage and critical damage. Passive effect increases attack power.
  • North Star – Increases critical strike chance by 33%, passive effect gives a bonus to damage for elemental skill and elemental explosion.
  • Skywing – Increases the chance and damage of a critical hit.
  • Stringless – increases Elemental Mastery, and also increases the damage of elemental skill and elemental explosion.
  • Prototype: Crescent – A bow can be crafted at a forge and has excellent stats for its level.
Genshin Impact Guide: Aloy - Best Weapons, Artifacts 4

Which set of artifacts to choose for Aloy

Aloy’s choice of artifacts depends on the composition of her team. She usually complements them with her cryo attacks, so it is important for her to get a bonus to elemental damage. If you need the versatility of the heroine in battle, you can give preference to sets for attack power.

List of best artifact sets:

  • Lost in the Blizzard x4 – Ideal for Cryo teams. Grants a 15% bonus to cryo damage, and attacks against enemies with the effect of cryo increase the chance of crit. hits.
  • Ceremony of the Ancient Nobles x2 and Lost in the Blizzard x2 – Increases elemental explosion damage by 20% and gives a bonus to Cryo damage.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate x4 – Increases the rate of Energy Recovery and damage from Elemental Explosion.
  • Any combination of Artifacts for Attack Power, Elemental Mastery, and Cryo Damage Bonus.
  • Sands of Time – Damage% / Elemental Mastery; Space Cup – Cryo damage; Crown of Mind – Critical hit chance/damage.
  • Useful additional stats in Artifacts: Critical Hit Chance/Damage, Damage%, and Elemental Mastery. Energy Recovery can also be a useful attribute.

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