How To Earn All 28 Metal: Hellsinger Achievements

How To Earn Every Metal: Hellsinger Achievement

The new reality shooter game Metal: Hellsinger from The Outsiders‘ studio gives players a unique “musical” experience as they battle hordes of demons. Players will have a variety of weapons at their disposal, but their main tool will be the power of heavy metal music. So crank up the volume and get ready to blast your way through the underworld!

In order to really rock out in Metal: Hellsinger, you’ll need to stay on beat and hit all the right notes. The game features unique metal tracks that you’ll need to play perfectly in order to progress. Doing so will net you a spot on the leaderboard as well as an achievement. This guide will help you unlock all the Metal: Hellsinger achievements.

Metal: Hellsinger Achievements

There are 28 accessible achievements in the game, and they’re not too tough to open. You can finish the game on any difficulty level and then go back to particular levels to get the missed trophies. Be sure to check out the list of achievements and our recommendations for obtaining them, so you can add these to your wall of glory. 

How To Earn Every Metal: Hellsinger Achievement 1
  • Trophies Are a Girl’s Best Friend – All Trophies have been earned in Metal: Hellsinger. Only available on the PlayStation version of the game.
  • Breaking the Law – The form of the Scarlet Judge has been shattered in Wokk. This is actually the first level after the tutorial introduction. You receive the Persephone shotgun in the initial part of the battle arena, and then other movement abilities and game mechanics will be recalled to you if you’re playing the level for the first time. To obtain the achievement, you must defeat the boss. The boss in this level is quite easy, he will only attack you with homing orbs that he sends out occasionally, and they can be relatively easily dodged.
  • Smoke on the Water – The form of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Ihelm. The achievement is given after completing the second hell, which was available as part of the Metal: Hellsinger demo. Using dual pistols, you need to defeat the local boss.
  • If I Can Make It Here / If I Survive… – The guise of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Stygia. Achievement drops after killing the boss in the third hell. Here you will actually finish learning the basics of the gameplay of the game, and will also be handed a crossbow. Only with the help of this weapon will it be possible to kill the boss of the location.
  • Rise, Rebel, Resist / Rise, do not give up, fight – The guise of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Incaustis. To achieve this, you need to pass the fourth level. Here you will be given the last weapon available in Metal: Hellsinger, as well as two new enemies.
  • Dead and Buried / Buried, but not dead – The guise of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Gehenna. It is necessary to go through the fifth hell and destroy the boss. Here you will meet a new type of enemies that constantly hover in the air. The most dangerous attack of the boss is the intimidation, with which he can push you into the lava.
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – The guise of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Nihil. To get achievements, you need to go through the sixth hell in Metal: Hellsinger. Here you will face the last new type of enemy, which is a strengthened version of the commonly encountered monsters – they are dangerous due to their area of ​​effect attacks. In the boss fight, you will need to identify the true enemy by distinguishing him from the copies. A real boss can be distinguished by 4 spikes on his head, as well as points that are obtained when fired.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls – The guise of the Scarlet Judge was destroyed in Acheron. The player needs to go through the seventh hell. Due to the story, your abilities will be limited, so some battles, especially the boss, will be a difficult challenge. The main difficulty of the final opponent of the level lies in the arena, which is constantly rotating. You will need to dodge his attacks by constantly moving and gradually dealing damage.
  • When She Falleth – The Scarlet Judge is destroyed. It is necessary to pass the final stage of Metal: Hellsinger. The last boss of Metal: Hellsinger features a unique set of mechanics. To defeat him, you will have to shoot much more accurately and look for weaknesses.
  • This Pounding Heart – Hit Streak: 10.
  • This Pounding Heart II – Hit Streak: 20.
  • This Pounding Heart III – Hit Streak: 35.
  • This Pounding Heart IV – Hit Streak: 50. The above achievements are almost guaranteed to drop as you progress through Metal: Hellsinger. Your task is to keep the series of hits for as long as possible, getting on the beat and dodging the blows of enemies. Seals can help save the series, which save the hit streak after the missed damage.
  • Heavy Metal Is the Law / Heavy Metal is the only law – Passed one of the tortures. Torture is a small test in the levels of Metal: Hellsinger. It is best to complete them after completing the game, so that you get used to all the mechanics of the game.
  • Three of Pentacles / Three of Pentacles – Achieved the best result in torture. The best result in torture means getting three stars after completing the level. Achievement is easy to knock out at the first levels.
  • Queen of the Underworld / Queen of the Underworld – Kill 50 behemoths. You need to eliminate large monsters. The achievement will drop closer to the end of Metal: Hellsinger.
  • No Rest for the Wicked / Evil has no rest – All tortures passed. To achieve this, you need to successfully complete 21 challenges in the game.
  • Soaring in the Deep – Hover in the air (throw + jump) 100 times. If you dash and then immediately jump, you will be carried forward at high speed, allowing you to move quickly. Perform this move a total of 100 times during the game to earn this trophy.
  • Piece of My Heart – Death by Chaos crystal explosion. The achievement requires you to die from the damage caused by the explosion of the Chaos Crystal. They usually don’t deal much damage to you, so there’s a good chance you won’t naturally earn them. The achievement is easiest to get on the last level with a high difficulty.
  • Highway to Hell / Road to Hell – 666 kills on account (total in the game). The achievement will be guaranteed by the end of the game if you also complete torture.
  • Material Girl / Practical Girl – Found all weapons. It is impossible to miss the achievement, the last weapon will be given to you during the passage of the fourth hell.
  • Kill Your Demons / Victory over your demons – Killing 2 enemies at the same time. Achievement is guaranteed to drop during the passage of the game.
  • Not Shaken, Nor Stirred / Do not stir and do not shake – Passing the area of ​​hell without hitting the beat. The only really hard achievement in Metal: Hellsinger. To get the achievement, you need to complete the level perfectly in time with the music. It’s easiest to do on the first levels.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever / Nobody wants to live forever – Die 20 times. Hell is a dangerous place, there should be no problems with this achievement.
  • The Empress / Empress – Kill 25 enemies in a series of hits. This trophy can be obtained by killing 25 enemies in a single hit streak.
  • Raining Blood / Bloody rain – Killing 2 seraphs with one attack. Seraphim are angel-like enemies. The achievement is easiest to get during the sixth hell.
  • The Ferrywoman – Kill 8 enemies in 4 seconds. Achievement easily drops out as you progress through the game.
  • Pazifist / Pazifist – Passing the area of ​​​​hell only with the help of Paz. The achievement is easy to get in the first location, using only Paz to attack.
  • The Sword is Sharper – Killing the guise of the Scarlet Judge with Terminus. To get the achievement, you need to kill the final boss with the Term.

So with that out of the way, you should have everything you need to take down the hordes of hell and earn every achievement on the list in Metal: Hellsinger.

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