How to win at Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

How to win at Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular games, introducing new content now and then. It involves multiplayer combats in the backdrop of different scenarios, which is a new twist to the first shooter formula. Unlike other battle games, Rainbow Six Siege has a simpler plot which makes it easily accessible. As a result, gamers become easily addicted to it and enjoy it thoroughly. 

The core concept of this game is defending and attacking. All players are divided into two teams, each consisting of five players. The defenders stay inside while the attackers attack from outside to steal an object. Strategizing is very important for this game. Thus, a helpful list of tricks and tips will be helpful for every player who wants to conquer this game. 

List of tips for winning Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Do not rush

Rainbow Six Siege is a thrilling game that spikes up our adrenaline rush. But taking any step without proper planning can risk you along with your other teammates. In this game, you are divided into small groups. You have to perform your battles in several short rounds, which can create pressure on players. 

As a result, for a quick win, the attackers rush towards the object. This can be a terrible mistake. You need to play mind games with other players and increase the tension. You have to hold back for some time and execute your strategy properly to gain success here.

How To Win At Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks 1
  1. Leaning is important

In Rainbow Six Siege, peeking will give you many advantages. You will be able to see around all the corners and detect all potential threats. This is the best way to check hostile areas on the map. 

When you are leaning, only a small part of your body is exposed to the enemies. So you get a better chance of survival. But your head stays exposed, and any shooter can kill you. Nevertheless, you get the peeker’s advantage by leaning. 

  1. Do not get stuck

Rainbow Six Siege offers you a wide range of weapons and operators. You have to keep experimenting and updating yourself. Never get too attached to any weapon or character. You have to try different weapons and check if they match your current operator. Thus, your skills will improve and make you a more flexible player. Games find this one of the most effective r6 hacks and cheats.

  1. Environmental breaks

Destructing the environment is not a new concept in the world of games. Like all other battle games, Rainbow Six Siege has large-scale destructible maps. You get fully destructible floors, walls, ceilings, and so on. These can be used to your advantage. You can destroy a portion of the map to destroy the defenders. 

When you are entering the defender’s zone, you can use these destructible options. If you are walking through the doors to the territory of your enemies, you can be at high risk, so always consider all other options.

How To Win At Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks 2
  1. Use drone

Drones play a vital role in the planning phase of this game. You can check the location of your enemies and plan accordingly. Once we are in the battle, we exit the drive view. But you can go back to the drone view whenever you want for the second time. This will give you a good picture of this game.

  1. Keep your distance

To offer maximum protection, players tend to lock their object room very tightly. This is a huge mistake. If your team is waiting for the enemies in the object room, the enemies can use a simple grenade and end the game instantly. 

So, always try to cover a wide area for guarding and create complex mazes. Complex mazes will confuse your enemies, and they have to stay clear of all the corners and turns. This will give you more scope of catching them by surprise. 

How To Win At Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks 3
  1. Stay alert

If you are careless in this game, you can get killed instantly. So, you have to stay aware all the time. In this fast-paced game, anyone can get distracted and get attacked. So, from the very start of this game, you need to stay careful of every small and major movement around you. A slight movement or noise can expose your location to enemies. Never forget to check the corners and angles before moving forward. 


Rainbow Six Siege is a team game. You and your team must stay alert and focused on winning every match. Moreover, good communication is also important. Every team member must play their best to conquer the world of Rainbow Six Siege. These tips will help you and your teammates to improve their skills and game-playing technique. So use them and see the result yourself.

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