No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal Collecting Guide

No Man's Sky Chromatic Metal Collecting Guide 1

With the second of coming No Man’s Sky, thanks to a massive new update that introduced a lot of new content for the once barren game, resource collection is now paramount, including the collection of Chromatic Metal — a fundamental material required in the construction of many other items.

Players will need to acquire a portable refiner, which can easily be made by combining oxygen with metal plating, which can be harvest from Ferrite dust, a common tier material that will drop from most rocks on any given planet.

Next, players should equip their analysis visor and do some exploring. Players will need to be on the lookout for any rare metal deposits, either on a planet’s surface or the atmosphere around it. Rare deposits include Cadmium, Copper, Emeril, Gold and Iridum. At this point, it doesn’t matter all too much what is mined, as long a substantial amount of is it harvested. Of course, to mine them, players will need to first craft a Terrian manipulator, which can be made simply by combining Carbon Nanotubes and Di-hydrogen Jelly, common materials available on most planets, or purchasable from various stations.

Once all the above conditions are met, players will simply need to plop down the portable refiner and feed it the appropriate metal required, which the game kindly lists (multiple types can be used to refine into Chromatic Metal). It should also be noted that the portable refiner requires carbon to run, so make sure to stock up on some before usage.

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