Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guide: Trophies & Achievements

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Guide: Trophies & Achievements

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a wide variety of Achievements and Trophies that you can earn. In this guide you’ll learn how to meet all the criteria to Achieve 100% completion and collect various gamerscore/trophies hidden under the surface to add to your growing collection.

Tiny Tina'S Wonderlands Guide: Trophies &Amp; Achievements 1

All Achievements and Trophies in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

NameAchievement RequirementsTrophy Type / Gamer Score
Bunker MasteredUnlock all TrophiesPlatinum / 120G
A Recent HopeReach level 10Bronze / 10G
Hero ProtagonistReach level 20Bronze / 20G
WyvernheartReach level 30Bronze / 30G
Living LegendReach level 40Gold / 50G
Quest Get!Completed “Bunkers & Badasses”Bronze / 10G
Brighthoof Calls for AidCompleted “Hero of Brighthoof”Bronze / 10G
Short ReinCompleted “A Hard Days Knight”Bronze / 10G
Friend to the ForestCompleted “Thy Bard, with a Vengeance”Bronze / 10G
Rude Sails of MagicComplete “Ballad of Bones”Bronze / 10G
Bomb Voyage!Completed “Emotion of the Ocean”Bronze / 10G
Rude Sails of MagiCComplete “Ballad of Bones”Bronze / 10G
Brutal Narrative DissonanceComplete “Mortal Coil”Bronze / 10G
Body UnsnatcherComplete “The Son of a Witch”Bronze / 10G
The First SessionComplete “Soul Purpose”Bronze / 10G
At the Top of All ThingsComplete “Fatebreaker”Gold / 50G
Gob Darn Good WorkComplete “Goblins Tired of Forced Oppression” and “The Slayer of Vorcanar”Bronze / 10G
Parasites LostComplete “Walk the Stalk”Bronze / 10G
You, EsquireComplete “The Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil”Bronze / 10G
So Much for That GuyComplete “The Ditcher”Bronze / 10G
No Quest Too SmallComplete 20 side questsBronze / 30G
Completionist Is Next To GodlinessComplete all side questsGold / 50G
Grab My Hand!Revive a partnerBronze / 10G
Reversal of FatesGet a Death Save off a badass or a bossBronze / 20G
Put the RNG in OrangeFind an enchanted legendary weapon in the worldSilver/ 30G
Bursting CoffersHave at least 100,000 goldBronze / 20G
GoldionaireHave at least 1,000,000 goldSilver/ 50G
Mag of HoldingPurchase the final tier of any inventory upgradeBronze / 20G
Mule CharacterPurchase every inventory upgradeGold / 50G
Take ThisTrade with another playerBronze / 10G
Shop, Drop, and RoleplayPick up and redeem a cosmetic itemBronze / 10g
Luck AmokHave at least 3,000 loot luckBronze / 50g
They Haven’t Invented Podcasts YetPicked up a lore scrollBronze / 10g
Keep On Rollin’Enchant or re-enchant an itemBronze / 20g
Dungeon EnderComplete every dungeon door in the OverworldBronze / 50g
Back Off!Stun an enemy chasing you in the OverworldBronze / 10g
Fired FestivalClear out 10 encampments in the OverworldBronze / 20g
Thank the MakerComplete a Chaos Chamber RunBronze / 50g
”You Mean the Chaos Levels?”Reach Chaos Level 10Silver / 30g
Controlled ChaosReach Chaos Level 20Gold / 50g

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