Rainbow Skies: More Story, More Gameplay, More Variety

Rainbow Skies: More Story, More Gameplay, More Variety

| Jan 11, 2014

Rainbow Skies, the sequel to last year’s Rainbow Moon, has a bigger tale to tell.

In an interview with CGM, project manager of Sidequest Studios Marcus Pukropski said “although Rainbow Skies will still have a strong gameplay focus, we’re taking care of a more elaborated story, something that many gamers have not been happy with. We even hired a dedicated story writer for that.”

And if you think gameplay will suffer from this, you need not be afraid. Pukropski went on to say “the main story will be more tightened and streamlined compared to Rainbow Moon but that doesn’t mean it’ll be short. Regarding side quests and other optional stuff, this is something we want to extend heavily. So, all in all the game will be even more comprehensive than Rainbow Moon, but you can complete the main story in less time by experiencing a much wider variety at the same time.”


For the unaware, Rainbow Moon plays like a traditional old school JRPG. Tough-as-nails bosses, constant grinding, and countless deaths are just some of the challenges you’ll face in the title. It’s true, Rainbow Moon may drive away the casual fan. Luckily, hardcores have found a home in the title, despite its daunting persona. Coupled with a more engaging story, Rainbow Skies looks to be a strong evolution for the series.

Finally, for those wondering why Sidequest Studios has been exclusive to PlayStation, Pukropski says that size is a big factor. “We’re a small indie developer using our own inhouse technology. We’re simply not able to provide ports and versions for all available platforms. That is why we stick with Sony for now, because we’re currently somewhat specialized on the PlayStation platform. But that doesn’t mean that this will never change, although we’re very happy at the moment.”

Rainbow Skies: More Story, More Gameplay, More Variety

Rainbow Skies will be available this year for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and will support cross-save. Be sure to check back to CGM as more details emerge,.

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