CES 2018: ZEISS Showcases VR ONE Connect

ZEISS, a industry leader in optics has introduced their latest product, the ZEISS VR One Connect.

The solution bridges the gap between mobile and PC-connected VR
experiences, allowing users to play SteamVR
games through
mobile VR headsets

an international leader in the fields of optics and opto-electronics,
debuts their newest product, the ZEISS VR ONE Connect. ZEISS will
showcase VR ONE Connect for the first time at the Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas at booth #21730 in South Hall, January 9 – 11, 2018.
Attendees will be able to demo this first of its kind VR product at the

The ZEISS VR ONE Connect bridges the gap between PC-connected VR gaming
and mobile VR by connecting the smartphone in the mobile VR headset to
your gaming PC. The product gives mobile VR users more interactive
gaming possibilities than ever before by allowing them to play games
through SteamVR™,
which currently has roughly 300,000 users. It boasts a high-quality VR
experience with a comparatively low investment. The product may be used
with iOS® and Android™ smartphones.

“This solution is a first of its kind in the VR space,” said Franz
Troppenhagen, senior product manager at ZEISS. “Users will now be able
to access games on SteamVR™ in a much different way than previous
options, and they’ll also have access to traditional VR apps and 360
video content.”

A current smartphone (iOS® or Android™), VR-ready PC and a mobile VR
headset is required for operation. The smartphone is slid into the ZEISS
VR ONE Plus (or other) VR headset. A USB cable connects the smartphone
to a VR-ready computer, allowing the use of games and other content on
the SteamVR™ platform. The two wireless 3DoF (degrees of freedom)
controllers and the smartphone are linked via Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth®.
Built-in sensors in the controllers, together with the three sensors of
the smartphone, allow intuitive interaction with the VR environment and
thus a seamless immersion in the virtual world.

“This product was much needed in the market, and it’s propelling VR from
a very niche market to a mass market, providing entry-level solutions
based on your mobile phone so that the technology is accessible to
everyone,” said Dave Hodgson, North America sales representative for

ZEISS VR ONE Connect* is set to be available at major US retailers in
the spring of 2018 for $129. To stay up-to-date on the availability of
the ZEISS VR ONE Connect, visit www.zeiss.com/vrconnect
and register for the ZEISS VR newsletter.

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