2K Sports Shows Interest In Acquiring FIFA Licence, Pushing Out EA

2K Sports Shows Interest In Acquiring FIFA Amid Big Potential Fallout With EA

FIFA has begun to field offers for the licensing of its name in the wake of a contract stalemate with EA, and as EA prepares to move on, 2K Sports looks to move in.

As EA files for a new trademark in the name EA Sports FC, as Polygon reports, FIFA looks to be taking their talents elsewhere.

After talks between the two companies over compensation of the soccer juggernaut franchise, it seems both haven’t budged on what is appropriate for the two parties. This is surprising considering FIFA is the most popular franchise in sports gaming, and losing their license could deal a huge blow to EA. The federation reportedly wants $1B every 4 years to remain a part of the gaming titan EA.

2K Sports Shows Interest In Acquiring Fifa Licence, Pushing Out Ea

FIFA has shown its aim at creating a space in Esports that is not ‘ruled’ by one body, but maintains healthy competition throughout. Their website states “The future of gaming and eSports for football stakeholders must involve more than one party controlling and exploiting all rights,” which may or may not be a reference to their dealings with EA.

On the other hand, as these negotiations stagnate, EA filed for a new trademark with the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office which shows their willingness to move on without the soccer federation in their corner. Most notably, with the FIFA brand proverbially on the table, Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick attempted to dodge the question on whether 2K was interested in the franchise.

He then had this to say when reporters asked again “That’s a big step forward for us… we haven’t been in that sport before. And erm, I think I’ll leave it at that today,” VGC reports. With prior sports franchises being referred to as NHL 2K, and NBA 2K which are regarded highly by fans, the sports gaming scene could be looking at a FIFA 2K in the immediate future.

As nothing formal has been announced, fans will need to wait on further developments in this matter. The success of the FIFA franchise is staggering, and more than just 2K Sports will likely be interested if the EA marriage disintegrates.

Fans can keep up with all of the FIFA news on their official Twitter account.

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