50 Cent’s Cryptic Post Is Actually For An Unrelated Vice City Show

50 Cent's Cryptic Post Is Actually For An Unrelated Vice City Show 1

Reports confirmed that 50 Cent’s post over a week ago was not for GTA 6, but for an unrelated TV series he will be starring in called Vice City.

A little over a week ago, the rapper, actor and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson posted a cryptic teaser titled “Vice City.” This led many to speculate whether he would be involved in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. Today, it was confirmed that he was actually teasing a new unrelated TV show titled Vice City, with a plot that could be GTA-adjacent.

According to Deadline, the Vice City show would be developed for Paramount+ and will be a part of Jackson’s G-Unit Film & TV division. The story is about three friends and former soldiers who come home to Miami in the mid-’80s after a dishonourable discharge following the Iran Contra scandal.

The working Vice City synopsis read: “Disgraced, displaced, and forgotten by the country they served and with no good job prospects, the three friends partner with a mysterious Colombian immigrant, uniting their financial needs and criminal ambitions to form a heist crew. Fueled by the need for American green, they traverse a violent and dangerous path in pursuit of the American Dream.”

50 Cent'S Cryptic Post Is Actually For An Unrelated Vice City Show 2

Vice City was created by writers and executive producers Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters, who wrote the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts film. The duo was also said to have sold an adaptation of Val Zod to HBO Max, with Michael B. Jordan attached to star in the project. John Wick franchise veteran Chad Stahelski is an executive producer and director for the Vice City series. Executive producers also include G-Unit, as well as Alex Young and Jason Spitz for 87 Eleven.

Jackson and his production company have successfully produced a wide variety of content on multiple platforms, most notably the hit Starz series Power. Jackson starred in, executive produced, and directed the show, slightly expanding his 50 Cent persona. He also produced the other Power spin-offs, with more upcoming. His other series he had expanded were BMF and Fightland. The company also announced their intentions to feature a three-picture horror deal as a collaboration with horror icon, Eli Roth and 3BlackDot.

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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

So, what is the actual news on GTA or GTA 6? So far, it seems like the game is still currently in development at Rockstar Games. While there was a big Take-Two leak last year that revealed the next game will be set in Vice City, it was said to tell more of a Bonnie and Clyde-style story involving criminal siblings. This means there will be nothing 50 Cent-related in the game…unless plans change.

Paramount+’s Vice City has no official release date yet. But, Jackson’s BMF season 2 is currently airing on Starz.

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