TCL Communcations Brings New Alcatel Smartphone Series To CES 2018

TCL Communcations Brings New Alcatel Smartphone Series To CES 2018

TCL Communications brings new phone portfolio to CES 2018.

TCL Communications brought a range of Alcatel smartphones to the CES 2018 show floor, from high-end to mid-end, and entry level.

The company promises that all of the new phones will take advantage of the 18:9 “full view display” aspect ratio, giving what TCL calls a “flagship look”.

Starting with the Alcatel 5 series, TCL is touting the device as representative of the best possible features the consumer could want, while maintaining a much lower cost than comparable flagship devices. The Alcatel 5 will include features such as face unlock, the aforementioned 18:9 aspect ratio, a large battery, and a cinemea quality viewing experience.

The Alcatel 3 series will give consumers an optimal blend of the latest features while still taking into consideration an affordable price. The range will feature dual cameras, a beautiful design, and a high-resolution display.

Finally, the Alcatel 1 series will be the best in price, offering users a great Android experience.

No release date or price point have been announced at this time.

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