Amazon announces “Luna” – A New Cloud Gaming Service

Stadia officially has competition!
| Sep 24, 2020

At their 2020 hardware event today, Amazon has announced it’s very own Cloud Gaming Service called “Luna”.

The service, which was rumoured to be in development since last year, is a subscription based service powered by Amazon’s web platform AWS, which is set to launch on PC, Mac, and iOS, with Android support planned for a later date. As far as when the service will launch, Amazon has not disclosed yet. However, users can apply for early access starting today, if they are interested in giving the service a shot.

The introductory cost for the service will be priced at $5.99/month during it’s early access, and will feature upward of 100+ available titles to play at launch, with many more said to be in the works as well, all of which are being optimized for 1080p/60fps resolution, with select titles having 4K support coming in the future.

In addition, Amazon is partnering with Ubisoft on a specific “gaming channel” where players can play some of their favourite titles from the publisher, with Amazon planning similar channels from other publishers.

Amazon also states that Luna will feature Twitch integration, stating, “Inside the Luna experience, players will see Twitch streams for games in the service, and from Twitch, they’ll be able to instantly start playing Luna games”

The direct comparison consumers have been making thus far with Luna has been to Google’s own cloud gaming service Stadia, which has had a rough integration into the gaming market after launching in November of last year. It’s safe to say with the numerous features and promises for the future, that Amazon has given Google a solid run for it’s money, and we look forward to seeing how their competition in streaming fares.

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