Analysis: Rumors Hint at Upcoming Post-E3 Reveals Starting May

Analysis: Rumors Hint at Upcoming Post-E3 Reveals Starting May 2

Rumors from various gaming analysts hint at major announcements coming for next-gen titles for the PS5 and Xbox Series X ahead of an E3 gap in June. The event was cancelled ahead due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, prompting major developers to find other options in presenting upcoming projects to the public. The reveals between June 9 to 11 were also mentioned in high regard for filling in the void for one of gaming’s largest annual showcases.

According to credible games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, many plans for next generation consoles and their launch titles are expected to be showcased much earlier starting in May in order to prevent further delays. “A lot of the planned reveals / announcements have been moved out of that single week,” wrote Ahmad, adding announcements are likely to come sooner than later.

Gematsu later corroborated his claims with other websites including VGC and Eurogamer, speculating that previous sources at Sony and Microsoft claimed reveals start as early as May 2020. Games such as The Last of Us: Part II and Halo Infinite would tie into a current next-gen buzz and provide more detail with trailers or footage. While no deadlines are set for E3 demos, developers would have a full discretion into when they would surprise audiences with game reveals.

Eurogamer Editor Top Phillips added announcements are likely to be more “spaced out” as remote development means having less consistent showtimes compared to past years. No E3 also means some developers would have to coordinate on when competitors would drop new game details.

Of course, organizers behind E3 previously stated there was no digital backup plan since the cancellation of its tradition in-person conference, instead working with the ESA for alternatives in showcasing new games. These options, if planned, are likely digital streams from respective developers over Twitch or YouTube’s live platform.

IGN’s own Summer of Gaming event also gained traction with developers in an effort to make up for E3 2020’s absence. In June, IGN brings viewers news, upcoming previews and even interviews on next-gen hardware and software.

For now, gamers around the world would have to keep tuning in across their favourite platforms ahead of Summer 2020 to find the latest announcements. CGMagazine will continue to provide updates on industry news and details for the most anticipated upcoming releases.

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