A Shocking Announcement For Attack On Titan’s Final Season Part 3

A Shocking Announcement For Attack On Titan’s Final Season Part 3

Attack On Titan’s Final Season Part 2 has been finalized after about 4 months since its initial premiering on January 9 2022.

Following the exciting closing of Part 2 that was aired in Japan, the surprising announcement for Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 came shortly after with an official trailer for their fans. Part 3 was estimated to be completed sometime in 2023 and will be concluding the anime series finale.

The main source of which anime is based on were from the Attack On Titan Original Manga written by Hajime Isayama, which has an ending that has been a controversial topic amongst fans alike. It felt like it was there to redeem Eren Yeager as a person after what he had done, expecting him to be easily forgiven by the rest, It was just poorly executed in the manga.

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It is highly suspected that MAPPA plans to make their own twist on the story since this has been done numerous times by many anime studios, although there has been no official word on how the ending may change in the transition. The original manga ran for 139 chapters before coming to a close in April 2021.

With an average of 12 episodes in each part of the Final Season, the ending of part 2 made its way around chapter 130 on episode 87. Which is confusing because that leaves us 9 chapters of unused material to be adapted into the anime. Perhaps they will alter some parts to make them fit. It is still unclear whether MAPPA will expand the 9 chapters and continue with 12 episodes per season like they have in the past, or produce one big movie-like episode to build tension for the final fight. Either way, it’s still a mystery on how part 3 will be executed, and we will have to wait for when it actually comes.

With all that being said, many fans of the long-running anime are elated to see the exciting conclusion to the series next year in 2023 and hopefully, the ending to the anime will bring light to the not as well-loved ending of the manga.

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