Apple Watch Series 7 Details Leak—AirPod Sales Slowing Down

| May 3, 2021
Apple Watch Series 7 Details Leak—AirPod Sales Slowing Down

The next Apple Watch has had specs and details leak, while Apple’s AirPod line shows sales numbers slowing down, resulting in a cutback on the production numbers for the popular earbuds.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is eyeing a 2021 release, and several details for the upcoming piece of tech show a potentially major upgrade for fans of the smart-watch line. With potential new features like a Glucometer, updated swim-tracking, alcohol monitoring, a better display, and longer battery life, Apple might have a hit on their hands (wrists?).

With their major focus on fitness and health-related features for previous iterations of the device, it makes sense to see some of these rumours. Additionally, a Touch-ID-based fingerprint scanner might be included in the Series 7, which might be built into the home button, while the screen may switch from the oft-used OLED display to a micro-LED one.

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A majority of these leaks and rumours come from patent filings, thus none of it is a guarantee for this generation of smartwatch until they officially announce it, but clearly, they are working on several incredible updates for the next Watch’s launch. With the potential for a September launch, more information on this should be released very soon.

On the flip side, Apple is having some issues with its production number for their ever-popular AirPod line, with sales numbers showing a downward trajectory.

Apple plans to cut down its planned production of the AirPods by up to 30% this year as competition seems to be the blame for a dip in the wireless earphones numbers. They now expect to see between 75 million and 85 million units for 2021, where 110 million units had been planned previously.

Having seen double-digit sales growth since the product’s launch in 2016, this will mark the first time the product has not met its quota.

“The most significant order reduction is for the second quarter toward the start of the third quarter,” said one of the people familiar with the matter. “The levels of inventory [in warehouses] and in-store stocks of AirPods are currently high … and demand is not as strong as expected.”

What this means for the longevity of the product is currently unknown, but at the very least it seems Apple will need to reevaluate how it views this popular product line.

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