Arnold Schwarzenegger is “The Governator”

| Apr 5, 2011

The former movie star and Governor of California is now a comic superhero.

It originally seemed like an elaborate April Fools joke, but Arnold Schwarzenegger assures us that his new multimedia property is real. The former governor will soon be lending his likeness and voice to a new comic titled “The Governator” about a retired politician/movie star who secretly fights robots and crime as…well, “The Governator.” There will also be an animated Governator TV show, and the first trailer has already been released. It’s all very tongue-and-cheek, and potentially one of the greatest things Schwarzenegger has ever done.

Both the comic and the TV show are being co-developed by Stan Lee. The show will have guest appearances from Larry King, and there are already plans for a full-length 3D Governator movie.

Check out the attached trailer below.

Source: Slashfilm


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