ATLUS Launches Teaser Site For Upcoming Project

| September 26, 2013
ATLUS Launches Teaser Site For Upcoming Project

This morning ATLUS launched a teaser site for an upcoming title.

While the title won’t be revealed till November 24, there is one big hint that gamers should be aware of. At the bottom left of the teaser page there is the logo for the Persona team. This means that the upcoming title will be coming from that specific team.

There are also three little boxes at the top, most likely to reveal hints as the date approaches.

One thought going through every RPG-loving fan’s head: Persona 5. And it would make sense. They’ve already made two remakes for Persona 3, one remake for Persona 4, a fighting game spin-off, two live plays, two TV series and a movie trilogy to boot.  What else could it possibly be?

ATLUS was recently purchased by Sega Corporation. You can read more about that here.

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