Atomic Bundle gives you 10 games for $5

| Jun 6, 2013
Atomic Bundle gives you 10 games for $5 - 2013-06-06 12:43:51

Since everyone loves game bundles the people over at Bundle Stars are serving a new one up for you. 

Unlike many of the other bundle offerings out there today, Bundle Stars have a flat price of $5 for all 10 games. The proceeds from the sale will be going to Special Effect charity. The bundle includes Tropico Trilogy, Dream Pinball 3D,Spacechem, Dino D-Day and Section 8, The First Templar: Steam Special Edition, Legendary,Disciples 3: Resurrection, Insecticide and Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition.

For just 5 bucks the Atomic Bundle is a steel. If you are interested in any of these games jump on it now as the bundle is only around for another 19 days.

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