Xbox One Bundles Price Drop To $280

| Jun 20, 2016
Xbox One Bundles Price Drop To $280

If you don’t have it, now may be an excellent time to grab an Xbox One; Microsoft is selling some Xbox One bundles for only $280.

The best value here being that various games and a controller come included in the package deal, Microsoft has five bundles listed on the official Xbox website going for the new price:

Xbox One Bundles Price Drop To $280 1

It should be noted that all of these bundles come with the 500GB version of the system, as opposed to the 1TB version, which could be a bit of a setback to players who prefer downloaded versions of their favourite games. It’s also not known at this time if this is a temporary discount or a permanent price drop. However, with the more powerful Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio systems on the way, which will still let gamers play all the same Xbox One titles they know and love, this price drop may be a fantastic opportunity to hop into the Xbox One “family” for gamers on a budget.

Other, slightly more expensive bundles are on sale as well including the 1TB Rainbow Six Siege bundle and the 1TB “Triple Game” bundle for only $300.

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