Battlefront 3 Leak Shows The Game That Could Have Been

| January 22, 2016
Battlefront 3 Leak Shows The Game That Could Have Been

A leaked developer kit for Star Wars Battlefront III on the Xbox 360 shows off many interesting features, reflecting the Battlefront fans truly wanted.

Leaked via a Reddit post, the build shows off the “infamous cancelled game” (before EA acquired the licence). Some of the features showed off include a fairly wide character selection, seemingly without restriction (though this could’ve just been part of the Dev Kit), letting you go so far as to use a Wookie in the Battle of Hoth. Character selection also included Clone Troopers and Droids, suggesting the initial build of Battlefront III would have spanned all six movies.


What’s more, gameplay within the build seemed to play similarly to the much beloved Battlefront II with traditional third-person shooting, and vehicles set within the map, not restricted to random chance cards as can be seen in the video below.

Seeing what could have been is sure to break anyone’s heart, however I can’t be such a fanboy as to stomp my feet and curse EA’s name for not giving me the game I wanted (we saw enough of that with Federation Force).

I’m not upset about the game we didn’t get, I’m upset about the game we got. EA’s Battlefront III didn’t have to be Battlefront II, they were allowed to take risks and try new things, that’s something sorely missing from the “AAA game industry.” But they didn’t take any risks where it counted. Instead, they gave us a game that was so reflective of the industry: they sold us half a game then wanted to charge extra for the rest of it.

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