BlackBerry KEY2 Unveils Exciting New Smartphone Experiences

BlackBerry KEY2 Unveils Exciting New Smartphone Experiences 18

The all-new BlackBerry KEY2 smartphone has been offically revealed, and it’s looking to be the most advanced keyboard-based phone yet. This latest BlackBerry device improves on last years offering in every way, offering users a dual-rear camera, a redesigned intelligent keyboard, as well as improved privacy controls.

“Although there are many different smartphones for consumers to choose from today, most tend to offer very similar experiences without much distinction from one to the next,” said Alain Lejeune, the president at BlackBerry Mobile and senior vice president at TCL Communication.

“With the introduction of BlackBerry KEY2, we’ve created a distinct smartphone that captures all the traits that have made BlackBerry smartphones iconic, while introducing new innovations and experiences that not only make this one of the best devices for security and privacy, but also the most advanced BlackBerry smartphone ever.”

Blackberry Key2 Unveils Exciting New Smartphone Experiences
BlackBerry KEY2 – Images Provided by BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry KEY2 runs on the latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and will come preinstalled with the Google Assistant, Google Lens, and the Google Play Store. For everyone that misses the BlackBerry 10 OS experience, the KEY2 will also come with the Blackberry Hub, a unifying communication platform that collects all your forms of communication in one place. 

The new evolved keyboard only adds to the BlackBerry KEY2’s iconic design, as it has been deliberately crafted to fit the modern lifestyle. The new design is built to help users, offering comfort and ease of use as they type on the go. It has a Series 7 aluminum frame, making it more durable, as well as a continuous frame design for a cleaner look and feel. A new diamond pattern for the soft touch back gives users all the more comfort and grip. The touch display is 4.5 inches and includes increased scratch resistance glass for a more edge-to-edge look. As with the BlackBerry Motion, the KEY2 will feature the customizable convenience key that makes it easy to access your favorite app or feature. 

In addition, a new key has been added to the BlackBerry keyboard, which allows function shortcuts for users at any time. Users no longer have to go back to the home screen of a smartphone or search in an app folder to access communication functions. This year’s keyboard also features a new Speed Key that gives easy access to any app on the KEY2 at any time. 

The BlackBerry KEY2 will also be one of the most powerful BlackBerry phones to date, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 6GB of RAM, users should be power through all workloads with ease. The storage configurations of 64GB and 128GB give plenty of space for photos and apps, and with the potential to add an additional SD card with up to 256GB of space, users can go for days without unloading a single photo. 

Blackberry Key2 Unveils Exciting New Smartphone Experiences
BlackBerry KEY2 in Silver – Images Provided by BlackBerry.

The KEY2 also improves on its picture taking abilities, offering users dual rear 12MP joining the likes of many other flagship devices such as the iPhone, the OnePlus 6 and the Huawei P20 Pro. The new dual camera system will reportedly bring improvements to auto white balance, faster autofocus, improved image stabilization and new photo capture experiences – like Portrait Mode and Optical Superzoom.

Boasting out of the box Malware protection, the BlackBerry KEY 2 is looking to be one of the most secure phones you can buy today. Including features such as DTEK, privacy mode and Locker Mode, users can feel safe using the KEY2 for all types of content from work emails to private messages from a loved one. Furthermore, the BlackBerry KEY2’s improved Locker mode features private folders for photos and documents, as well as a private browser all that can only be accessed via fingerprint or password. 

“BlackBerry phones are the world’s most secure Android smartphones. We design them for security from the inside out and we’re proud to partner with TCL Communication on the launch of their all-new BlackBerry KEY2,” said Alex Thurber, the senior vice president and general manager at BlackBerry.

“BlackBerry has been iterating and perfecting our approach to mobile security for decades, and we’re excited to have this new genuine, modern BlackBerry smartphone available for our fans around the world to enjoy.”

The BlackBerry KEY2 is set to give users an experience unlike any other, and it will begin shipping this month with a suggested retail price starts at $829 CAD and $649 USD.

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